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Believed to be a scientific unit, one of the Stargate Command teams that operate out of Cheyenne Mountain.

One incarnation of this unit has been completely destroyed, killed on Hanka when the Goa'uld Nirrti decided to extinguish her hok'taur experiments.


Singularity - All members of SG-7 are killed when Nirrti bombards the world with a malicious virus.
Out of Mind - SG-7 is assigned to attempt to retrieve SG-1 during their imprisonment by Hathor.
Rite of Passage - SG-1 reviews files on SG-7 before they were killed on Hanka.
Heroes, Part 1 - When a Goa'uld probe finds SG-13, SG-7 is ordered to provide backup to the unit on P3X-666.
Heroes, Part 2 - SG-7 fights alongside other SG units while attempting to pull SG-13 from P3X-666.
New Order, Part 1 - SG-7 returns with Goa'uld System Lord delegates from a neutral planet.
Avalon, Part 1 - Major Davis and SG-7 work to help the new Jaffa nation get on its feet, but the Jaffa still remain untrusting of the Tau'ri.