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When the Lucian Alliance puts a bounty on SG-1's heads, Cameron Mitchell finds himself a target while attending his high school reunion.

FAN RATING - 8.35 
NIELSEN - 1.2 
DVD DISC: Season 10, Disc 4
WRITTEN BY: Damian Kindler
EXCERPTS WRITTEN BY: Robert C. Cooper, Ron Wilkerson
DIRECTED BY: Peter DeLuise
GUEST STARS: Anne Marie DeLuise (Amy Vanderberg), David Lovgren (Darrell Grimes), Mike Dopud (Odai Ventrell), Eric Steinberg (Netan), Bill Dow (Bill Lee), Gary Jones (Walter Harriman), Timothy Paul Perez (Vashin), Maureen Thomas (Wendy), Ian Robison (Frank), Noah Danby (Cha'ra), Ryan Elm (Gary Walesco), Jody Thompson (Woman), Mark Brandon (Presenter), Jeny Cassady (Alien Bounty Hunter), Brad Proctor (Alien Bounty Hunter), Rob Hayter (Phil), Jackie Blackmore (Female Grad), Ed Anders (Former Football Player), Rob Boyce (Assassin Sniper), Tiffani Timms (Blonde Girl)
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It's high school reunion time for SG-1's Cameron Mitchell, Class of '87, who takes Vala along to Kansas as his date. There he reconnects with old friends like Darrell Grimes, and his high school crush Amy Vanderburg, "the one that got away" (first mentioned in "Ripple Effect"). Amy is a beautiful, wholesome girl in her late thirties, recently divorced (and available). Darrell finds Vala very intriguing, and as Cam and Amy confess their high school crushes on each other the Colonel gets a phone call from Stargate Command: Colonel Carter and Teal'c have been attacked, and someone may be coming after him.

On a Jaffa planet, an injured Teal'c is attended to by the Jaffa Cha'ra. They aren't sure if Teal'c's attackers have left or not, so Teal'c encourages Cha'ra to put out the word that Teal'c survived the attack – and wait to see if someone comes to finish the job.

Daniel, meanwhile, is working diligently at the Museum of Antiquities.

The man now after Mitchell on Earth is a humanoid but alien bounty hunter, a brash and no-nonsense warrior who has already tracked Mitchell to the party and is posing as a fellow classmate. He is Odai Ventrell, who catches Cam and tells him he's here to collect the price on the Colonel's head.

But Cam is only a pawn in a larger game, the bait for a bigger prize that the bounty hunter hopes to collect: He wants all of SG-1. And now they're on their way ...


  • Actress Anne Marie DeLuise, who plays Amy Vanderberg, is married to SG-1 director Peter DeLuise. Her maiden name is Loder, under which she first played the Eurondan officer Farrell in Season Four's "The Other Side" (directed by DeLuise).
  • Actor David Lovgren, who plays Cam's high school buddy Darrell, previously played Teal'c's friend Va'lar in Season Five's "Threshold."
  • Production goof: When Teal'c and Cha'ra are firing into the bushes (around the 11:00 mark), one shot shows that Teal'c is firing blasts (quite effectively) from a closed staff weapon. On the reverse shots, the head of the weapon is open for firing.
  • "The Stargate version of Grosse Pointe Blank sees Cameron Mitchell going back home for his high school reunion, unlikely date in tow (Vala, natch), and even unlikelier complication lurking in the shadows (an interstellar bounty hunter played with delightful swagger by Mike Dopud). This episode was alot of fun (one of my favorites of the show's tenth season) and it wasn't just the Cam and Vala fish-out-of-water scenes. Carter and her 'hands -on' demonstration at the conference and Daniel's run-in at the Museum of Antiquities all made for a fun and memorable episode. In the latter scenario, Daniel is quietly studying away when a sexy young lady (later revealed to be an alien) comes on to him. Daniel's is confoundingly uninterested suggesting he is either focused on his work, suspicious, or creeped out. Or, perhaps, those Jack/Daniel slashers had it right all along! "This episode marked what I believe was the second in a long line of guest spots actor Mike Dopud has done for us, first as a Russian soldier in SG-1's 'Full Alert,' then as Bounty Hunter Ventrell in this episode, then as Kiryk the Runner in SGA's 'Tracker,' then as the Lucian Alliance member Varro in Stargate Universe and, most recently, in an episode of The Transporter. I've already told Mike that, if Dark Matter goes to series, I've already got a role in mind for him ..." (Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi, in a post at his blog)