Simon Wallace

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Elizabeth Weir's boyfriend who she left behind on Earth when commanding the Atlantis expedition to the Pegasus Galaxy.

Simon was granted security clearance by President Hayes, and learned from a video that Weir had recorded that she had agreed to travel to another galaxy to make a difference for humanity.

During the first year she was away and out of contact he met someone else. When Elizabeth returned to Earth to brief General Hank Landry on the Wraith threat, she attempted to persuade Wallace to abandon his patients and research and join her in the Pegasus Galaxy. But he eventually revealed the truth.


PLAYED BY - Garwin Sanford
FIRST APPEARED - Rising, Part 1


Rising, Part 1 - Playing a video on his television, Simon learns his beloved Elizabeth Weir may never return.
Home - Weir fantasizes that she has returned home to Earth, and the loving arms of Simon.
The Intruder - While back on Earth, Weir learns that Simon has met someone else.