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N.I.D. agent and associate of Agent Cross. Singer was involved in the N.I.D. operation to allow immature Goa'uld symbiotes to build a ship in hopes of escaping Steveston, Oregon. Little did Cross realize, Singer had been discovered and was implanted with one of the cloned symbiotes and was working against him.

When Samantha Carter found him out she used a zat'ni'katel to render him unconscious until he could be injected with Dr. Richard Flemming's experimental Goa'uld-neutralizing medicine.

Singer was an undercover barkeep in Steveston, while his partner, Cross, maintained a position as Sheriff Knox's Deputy.


PLAYED BY - Sean Tyson
FIRST APPEARED - Nightwalkers


Nightwalkers - Singer accompanies Cross to stop Teal'c and Jonas from gathering any more data on the Goa'uld operation, eventually making it known that he, himself, is possessed.