Transport chamber

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One of countless closed-in rooms where an individual can be teleported to a number of locations in the city of Atlantis. When a user steps inside a display emerges with a map of the city, allowing the occupant to select where he or she wishes to be sent. The doors then shut and the occupant is transported to an identical chamber. The shaft also serves an elevator, transporting occupants from one floor to another within the same structure.

The Ancient transportation technology is the same as that used in the Ring transporter, which the species also developed.

When the expedition from Earth first arrived, the chambers were used as storage closets until the Athosian boy Jinto stumbled upon their true purpose. It is not known if multiple locations can be selected at once or if everyone in the shaft must travel to the exact same place. The range of the technology is also unknown.


Hide and Seek - The Athosian Jinto hides in a transport shaft and pushes an indicator on the panel, not realizing he has teleported himself to a section of the city far from where he was.
Adrift - The team uses transport chambers to quickly access various parts of the city and make repairs before all power is lost.
Quarantine - After a city-wide quarantine is triggered in Atlantis Colonel Carter and Dr. Zelenka are trapped together inside a transport chamber.