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Brother of Alebran and inhabitant of P3X-367. Wodan was one of many who were taken by the Goa'uld Nirrti to be cured of a terrible illness that threatened her people before she arrived (likely planted by her). Wodan and the rest of his people suffered massive physical deformities and malignant tumors, and while in Nirrti's Ancient genetic manipulation device, he gained the abilities of a telekinetic individual.

Wodan was against the arrival of SG-1, guaranteeing them harm if they attempted to stop Nirrti's progress on what was left of the people. It was only after Eggar entered Nirrti's mind that he saw what she was planning to do. Once the members of SG-1 were restored to health, Wodan was the first to begin the transformation process back to his former self.


PLAYED BY - Dion Johnstone
FIRST APPEARED - Metamorphosis


Metamorphosis - Wodan encounters SG-1 after they arrive at Nirrti's facility and assures them that they will do no harm to their goddess.