Ancient gene therapy

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Procedure developed by Dr. Carson Beckett in which a human without the Ancient gene can receive a retrovirus which allows them to use Ancient technology circumventing the A.T.A. security feature. The project was underway months before Beckett took his research with him into the Pegasus Galaxy.

In the therapy, a mouse retrovirus is used to deliver the missing gene directly to the cells. This permits the user to initiate Ancient technology and run more sensitive equipment, such as a Puddle Jumper.

It is not known how long the therapy lasts, if an individual user requires repeated treatments, or if it is permanent.


Hide and Seek - Dr. Rodney McKay offers himself as one of the first test subjects for the Ancient gene therapy.
The Tower - Sheppard presents a vial used for Ancient gene therapy to Otho, who instead uses it on himself to control the throne chair.