Ancient technology activation

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Procedure where Ancient devices detect the Ancient gene and initiate technology to work for them. It is believed to be caused by a single gene that is always turned on in Ancients, instructing various cells in the body to produce a series of proteins and enzymes that interact with the skin, nervous system and brain.

Activation can occur from materials as simple as small Ancient transmitters to the activation of sensitive equipment inside Puddle Jumpers, though Ancient scanners may not require activation by Ancient genes.

Shortly after their arrival in Atlantis, scientists from Earth developed a simple gene therapy that allowed men and women without the gene to operate Lantean ships and equipment.


Rising, Part 1 - Much to Rodney McKay's chagrin, John Sheppard learns that he has the gene that lets him control Ancient technology.
Hide and Seek - Rodney is a test subject for Dr. Beckett's A.T.A. gene therapy, and gains the ability to use Ancient tech.
It's Good To Be King - Jack O'Neill attempts to activate a Puddle Jumper when it is discovered on Arkhad's planet.
Moebius, Part 1 - General O'Neill pilots the time-traveling Jumper back 5,000 years into Earth's past.
Moebius, Part 2 - In an altered timeline, O'Neill is told that he has the gene that will permit him to activate and pilot the Puddle Jumper.
The Tower - Sheppard presents a vial used for Ancient gene therapy to Otho, who instead uses it on himself to control the throne chair.
Irresistible - The conniving Lucius Lavin attempts to manipulate Dr. Beckett into giving him A.T.A. treatment, so that he can make use of Ancient technology for his own selfish gain.
Harmony - Sheppard and McKay find an abandoned but still active testing ground for drone weapons, which targets people without the Ancient gene – while the local matriarchy uses the technology for a rite of passage.
Darkness - Nicholas Rush notes that the Ancient ship Destiny predates the Ancients' implementation of A.T.A. gene technology.