Carson Beckett

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Biologist and the first chief medical doctor at Earth's Atlantis base in the Pegasus Galaxy. Beckett was originally assigned as a representative from Scotland to the Ancient outpost in the Antarctic, where it was discovered that he possessed a rare gene from the Ancients that allows him to use their technology. In fact, it was Beckett who discovered the gene necessary to operate many Ancient devices.

Despite the fact that Beckett himself was not especially technologically inclined, Dr. Rodney McKay forced him into the outpost's command chair in the hopes of learning something more about the technology. Beckett accidentally activated a dormant drone weapon, but was able to shut it back down before it harmed General O'Neill and Major Sheppard as they traveled toward the base in a helicopter.

A member of the expedition under the command of Elizabeth Weir, Beckett traveled through the Stargate to Atlantis. One of his first duties was to dissect a severed Wraith arm that Sheppard brought back from Athos after the creature's Dart was shot down. His study led to the first insights into Wraith physiology. Beckett later learned even more about Wraith biology when he helped the Hoffans to develop a drug that prevents the creatures from feeding on the life-force of a human victim.

Carson was particularly good friends with Rodney McKay, and also with Dr. Weir -- with both of whom he was on a first name basis.

Because of his position, Beckett became an expert on Wraith physiology. This led him to develop a retrovirus, which effectively strips the iratus bug DNA elements out of a target patient and leaves only the human elements. Though he always wrestled with the ethics of it, his retrovirus was used successfully on a Wraith nicknamed Michael and on an entire ship of Wraith soldiers. But when Michael regained his memory and his Wraith physiology began to reassert itself, Beckett found himself a target.

Carson is caught in an explosion and killed. From "Sunday"

Beckett served with distinction on Atlantis for three years before he was tragically killed in the line of duty. Carson acted against orders to perform emergency surgery on an expedition scientist, removing a highly volatile tumor created by exposure to previously unknown Ancient technology in the city. Dr. Beckett successfully removed the tumor and saved his patient's life, but during the hand-off to the explosives disposal unit the tumor detonated, engulfing him in flames.

Carson is survived by his mother back home on Earth. His role as chief medical officer on Atlantis was taken over by one of his friends and colleagues, Jennifer Keller.

Approximately one year after his death the Atlantis team rescued a clone of Carson, created by Michael from stolen genetic material. Along with a personal quest to stabilize his own physiology he has taken on Dr. Beckett's ethic and mission, traveling to planets throughout the Pegasus Galaxy to bring medical care to those in need. His friend Rodney McKay has told the clone that, as far as he is concerned, he is Carson -- back from the dead.


PLAYED BY: Paul McGillion (web site)
FIRST APPEARED: Rising, Part 1


Rising, Part 1 - Beckett, weary of experimenting with Ancient technology, learns that he is compatible, and travels to the Pegasus Galaxy to offer his services at Atlantis base.
Hide and Seek - Beckett's experimental gene therapy succeeds in allowing McKay to use Ancient technology.
Thirty Eight Minutes - After an alien insect attaches itself to Sheppard's neck, Beckett tries to find a way to free him -- via radio.
Poisoning the Well - Beckett helps the Hoffans develop a drug that prevents the Wraith from feeding on a human, and is shocked when they continue innoculating their people despite a 50 percent mortality
rate. The Eye - Beckett pilots a Puddle Jumper from the mainland through a dangerous storm, bringing much-needed backup for Major Sheppard.
Hot Zone - Beckett discovers a deadly virus that is plaguing Atlantis expedition members with terrifying visions before killing them.
The Gift - Dr. Beckett discovers that Teyla possesses Wraith DNA.
Runner - Carson removes a Wraith tracking device embedded in Ronon Dex's back, amazed that the man requires no anesthetic.
Duet - Carson tries to help Rodney McKay with his romantic life, only to find that he himself is the object of Lt. Cadman's affections ... who is herself trapped in Rodney's body.
Instinct - Beckett's new experimental, anti-Wraith retrovirus is stolen and used by a Wraith girl who wishes to be human, with tragic consequences.
Coup D'etat - With Earth's advanced medical technology, Carson is able to save the life of several Genii who have been exposed to radiation.
Michael - His retrovirus now ready for trial, Beckett administers it to a captured Wraith.
Misbegotten - Beckett nervously tries to keep a colony of Wraith who have been turned into humans from discovering what they really are, and falls into Michael's clutches.
Sunday - Carson acts against orders to save a patient's life, and is killed in the line of duty when the tumor he has successfully removed explodes.
The Kindred, Part 1 - Sheppard's team is stunned when they find Carson, alive and well, in one of the Wraith Michael's prison cells.
The Kindred, Part 2 - The team brings Carson back to Atlantis where they learn he is a clone, engineered by Michael more than two years ago. In need of an injection from Michael to survive, Carson is placed into cryogenic freeze until a cure to his condition can be found.
The Seed - Dr. Keller finds a way to bring Carson out of stasis, and he then has to come up with a way to save her from a Wraith pathogen.
Whispers - Sheppard and Beckett visit a planet where a team has found a laboratory abandoned by Michael, only to find themselves up against his vicious experiments.
Outsiders - When Carson and Rodney are captured by the Wraith, Carson uses himself as a test subject for an anti-Wraith syrum and tricks their captor into feeding on him.
Identity - Dr. Beckett is on hand to help Jennifer Keller when she finds herself the victim of an accidental body swap.
Enemy At the Gate - With Earth under attack by a Wraith super hive, Carson takes the command chair and pilots the city into battle.