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A space-faring ship used by the Asgard Loki for conducting scientific research in orbit of other planets. The Asgard vessel is a slightly different configuration than other Asgard ships, equipped with various instruments designed specifically to hold and analyze subjects, and created cloned duplicates of individuals.

The ship is equipped with long-range communicators and, like other Asgard ships, can go undetected in orbit by current Earth technologies.

One Asgard ship in the science vessel class was named for a member of SG-1: the Daniel Jackson.


USED BY - Asgard
FIRST APPEARANCE - Fragile Balance


Fragile Balance - SG-1 gets aboard Loki's science vessel in Earth's orbit, from which he has been conducting unauthorized research on humans.
New Order, Part 1 - Thor takes the Daniel Jackson into range of Carter and Teal'c's Tel'tak, beaming them aboard just in time before their craft is destroyed by a black hole.
New Order, Part 2 - The Daniel Jackson launches a modified version of the Replicator Disruptor in Orilla's atmosphere, neutralizing all Replicators on the surface.