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SG-13's science and archaeology expert, under the command of Colonel Dave Dixon. Leaning towards eccentric, Balinsky generally makes accurate assumptions regarding long-dead civilizations the team encounters, as well as calculated bets as to what the team will find on unexplored planets. He became overwhelmed when his unit stumbled upon the remains of an Ancient city on P3X-666, and advised that it may take more than two days to fully review the area.

While surveying the colony he made a dash for his unit and ordered his teammates to take cover. He had come across a Goa'uld reconnaissance drone that had entered the area, and helped coordinate an attack with Dixon to destroy the device.

Balinsky was ordered to return through the Stargate back to Stargate Command to inform General Hammond of the situation, after a squadron of Jaffa arrived on the planet and his team member Senior Airman Wells took a hit by a staff blast.

Balinsky eventually joined SG-22, continuing to focus on science and archaeology.


PLAYED BY - David Lewis
FIRST APPEARED - Heroes, Part 1


Heroes, Part 1 - Balinsky joins his team on a standard recon mission of P3X-666 and discovers a long-dead Ancient city, as well as a threat from Anubis.
Heroes, Part 2 - Balinsky returns through the Stargate back to the safety of Earth, not knowing whether his teammate will survive.
Moebius, Part 1 - Now a member of SG-22, Balinsky fails to impress General O'Neill with a series of rocks gathered off-world.