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SG-13 team member under the command of Colonel Dave Dixon, considered by his teammates to be a regular "smart ass." On a mission to P3X-666, Bosworth was assigned to patrol the area with Simon Wells, who took a shot in the back by a Jaffa patrol.

Bosworth stayed with his teammate until Dr. Janet Fraiser and Daniel Jackson arrived on the scene to render medical aid. Bosworth traveled to a higher observation point to cover Fraiser and Jackson, but he did not see a Jaffa nearby and, consequently, Fraiser was struck in the chest by a staff weapon blast. Bosworth took out the soldier, apologizing to Jackson for letting him get through -- but it was too late for Fraiser.

Bosworth continued at Stargate Command and may have served on SG-3 under the command of Colonel Reynolds.


PLAYED BY - Christopher Pearce
FIRST APPEARED - Heroes, Part 1


Heroes, Part 1 - Arriving on P3X-666, Bosworth is assigned to patrol with Airman Wells, who is struck by a staff blast.
Heroes, Part 2 - Covering for Fraiser and Jackson as they tend to Wells' injuries, Bosworth misses a Jaffa who kills Dr. Fraiser.
Prometheus Unbound - Along with Colonel Reynolds, Bosworth is on General Hammond's team on board the Prometheus when the ship is hijacked by Vala.
Moebius, Part 2 - In an alternate timeline Bosworth joins O'Neill and Kawalsky's recon team to Chulak, and is shot dead in the forest by a Goa'ulded Daniel Jackson.