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Religious and political governor of the village that SG-1 visited on a medieval Christian world. The Canon had the responsibility of overseeing the people and maintaining their belief system, as well as choosing who he believed God wished him to send down the dark path through the circle of darkness, the Stargate.

The Canon was pompous, callus, egotistical and unswerving in his beliefs and control over the town. He was swift and relentless at calling upon the execution of the evil, and even the innocent. Only at the presence of the devil's (Sokar) demons (Unas) did he, himself, cower. He was armed with a powerful weather control ring, often the sole device he used to maintain authority, which was able to use to summon lightening-like energy from the sky to strike down the unholy.

The Canon, while retreating from an injured Unas, was used as the new host for the Goa'uld within the creature. Shortly afterward, Carter detected its presence and SG-1 was able to neutralize him. The Canon's last words were "forgive me."


PLAYED BY - Alan C. Peterson


Demons - The Canon returns from an excursion and encounters a group of individuals who have traveled through the circle of darkness. He immediately suspects they are allied with the devil.