Dorandan homeworld

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Planet known to the Ancients of Atlantis, whose inhabitants were described as wonderful people. The Ancients chose to establish Project Arcturus on the Dorandan planet in the hopes of providing a greater defense against the Wraith during the hundred-year-war.

Pressed to complete the project under a deadline (when a Wraith fleet arrived to wipe out the planet), the Ancients were forced to test the weapon before they were ready. The weapon successfully destroyed an entire fleet, but the Ancients were unable to shut it off like they were supposed to.

When they did manage to "pull the plug" Arcturus killed everyone on the base, and perhaps the Dorandans in the vicinity.

Later, the Wraith sent another fleet to wipe out the Dorandan homeworld anyway.


HOME TO - Population Annihilated


Trinity - Sheppard takes his team to the Dorandan homeworld in the hopes of meeting the people, but they have long-since been destroyed by the Wraith.