Gate room

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The heart of Stargate Command, the Gate room is a modified missile silo where the Stargate is housed. Also called the "embarkation room" in the Stargate program's early years, it is located on sub-level 28 deep inside Cheyenne Mountain. On the left wall (while facing the gate) is a box with manual iris controls.

The gate room is commonly armed with large-caliber guns positioned on either side of the ramp, pointed at the Stargate. A deployment arm can be lowered from the ceiling to fire missiles through an open wormhole.

Adjacent is the base control room, which includes the dialing computer and looks out on the gate room through a wide panel of glass windows. A blast door can be lowered to protect those in the control room from what is happening inside the gate room.


Children of the Gods - Apophis dials Earth and invades the Gate Room with a squadron of Jaffa, taking one U.S. soldier captive.
Message In a Bottle - The Gate Room is compromised by an alien "orb" that plants itself in the cement of the chamber.
Foothold - A group of alien invaders self-destruct in the Gate Room after their escape is prevented, doing a significant amount of damage.