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A mixed race of humans and Serrakin that inhabit the world of Hebridan. After the Serrakin freed human slaves from the Goa'uld millennia ago, they successfully integrated the species into their society and called themselves Hebridians, inter-marrying and living in peace for generations.

Hebridian society has, from time to time, been rocked by superstition that one species is attempting to suppress the other, but overall these claims have been unsuccessful and the combined populace has thrived into a rich and booming culture. Frequently, the two species cross-breed, and have maintained a healthy balance despite the genetically diverse races. A few humans among them, however, believe that the Serrakin are oppressing them and making them second-class citizens.

Hebridan is the cultural center of the Loop of Kon Garat, an annual outer space racing event.


HOMEWORLD - Hebridan


Forsaken - SG-1 gets their first taste of the Hebridians when humans claim that the alien Serrakin are attempting to commandeer "their" vessel.
Space Race - SG-1 is invited to Hebridan to inspect advanced technology, and participate with Warrick in the 59th Loop of Kon Garat.