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World where the Atlantis expedition and Athosian populations temporarily relocated during a massive hurricane that threatened to destroy the city. The planet (also called "Manara" by some) is also home to many Satedans, who settled there following the fall of their planet to the Wraith.


HOME TO - Manarians, Satedans
FIRST APPEARED - Underground


Underground - Sergeant Bates manages to establish a trade agreement for food with the Manarians.
The Storm - Manaria recieves visitors from Atlantis while the mainland and city suffer the wrath of a hurricane.
The Eye - Following the hurricane the Atlantis expedition and Athosians depart Manaria and return to Atlantis.
Trinity - Ronon Dex's old friend Solen Sincha tells him that some of their people settled on Manaria following the destruction of their civilization.