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Resident of the planet Vyus who fell victim to the Vorlix plague. The first memories he could recall was of he and Layale running down one of the city streets in distress. Orner and Layale lived together, though they were not certain of their true status since the Vorlix. They treated one another as though they had been married for many years, but neither was able to verify such information as true because, like most everything else, the Vorlix prevented them from knowing their true names -- making marriage records useless.

Orner believed he and Ke'ra had been married, and was eager to rekindle the relationship before the Vorlix had been resolved. This irritated Layale, who remained loyal to him nonetheless. Orner traveled to the S.G.C. to be experimented on for a reversal of the effect. The first test sent him into cardiac arrest, but he survived to try the second result, which successfully cured him of the cloudiness.

Orner learned that his real name was Nodaal, and he had been married to Layale (actual name unknown) for 43 years. Though Nodaal was young in appearance, in truth the Vorlix had also reversed the aging process -- explaining why there were no children on Vyus.


PLAYED BY - Jason Gray-Stanford
FIRST APPEARED - Past and Present


Past and Present - Orner travels to Earth to begin experimentation as a test subject for Vorlix antidotes, and is successful at restoring his memory on the second try.