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One of the S.G.C. units that operate out of Cheyenne Mountain. SG-6 is responsible for inadvertently releasing a Prior plague on Earth, an event which cost the lives of over 3,000 people.

One incarnation of this unit has been completely destroyed, used by mimetic aliens to infiltrate Earth. The originals were likely discarded.

Members of SG-6 include (or have included):
Barnes (Team Leader)
Brooks (II)


A Matter of Time - Daniel Jackson joins SG-6 in a dig expedition to P3X-118.
In the Line of Duty - SG-6 assists SG-1 as they pull Nassyan refugees from their world during a Goa'uld bombardment.
Into the Fire - SG-6 assists in the rescue of SG-1, captured by Hathor.
Foothold - Mimetic aliens capture SG-6 and use their forms and memories to infiltrate Earth. After the incident, their access codes are locked out, preventing them from ever returning.
Scorched Earth - SG-6 is assigned to seek out an alternative homeworld for the Enkarans.
Red Sky - Two members of SG-6 are killed in a launch pad explosion on K'Tau when several local radicals believe it is the will of the gods (the Asgard) that their people be destroyed.
Icon - SG-6 travels to Tegalus to help pull Dr. Jackson from the planet, which is immersed in a civil war.
The Fourth Horseman, Part 1 - SG-6's encounter with a Prior allows the powerful being to relay a plague to Earth.