Ursini mothership

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Capital ship used by the Ursini, a technologically advanced, bipedal species who occupy a galaxy distant from Earth. The ships are armed, though the only vessels encountered by Destiny so far have been derelict and clearly on the losing side of a battle with a once-dormant fleet of drone ships.

The ships are equipped with stasis pods, though it is not clear what use an active Ursini crew would make of them from day to day.


USED BY: Ursini
FIRST APPEARED: The Greater Good


The Greater Good - Destiny comes across a derelict ship, apparently the loser in a battle, and Colonel Young and Dr. Rush go aboard.
Resurgence - Destiny's crew again investigates when they find an Ursini ship derelict in a field of debris, but the boarding party is quickly recalled when Destiny comes under attack.