Stargate Atlantis: Volume 1

Trade Paperback
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Stargate Atlantis - Volume 1 (Trade Paperback)
RELEASE DATE: October 2017
PUBLISHER: American Mythology
STORY BY: Mark L. Haynes & J.C. Vaughn
ART BY: Greg LaRocque and Scottie Watson
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The first trade paperback from American Mythology collects the comic's 3-issue "Back to Pegasus" and 3-issue "Gateways" stories.

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Stargate Atlantis is back with brand new comic book adventures that pick up right where the acclaimed TV series left off! Comic art legend Greg LaRocque ("Flash: The Return of Barry Allen," "Web of Spider-Man") and newcomer Scottie Watson join the writing team of Mark L. Haynes & J.C. Vaughn ("24," "Stargate Universe") to deliver the powerful and long-awaited new tales of John Sheppard, Teyla, Ronon, Rodney McKay and the rest of the beloved characters.

After Atlantis is stranded on Earth following the events in the series' cliffhanger ending, what surprising danger threatens them and our whole planet? And while they're on Earth, what new menace enters the scene in the Pegasus galaxy? All will be revealed in this exciting new collection of American Mythology's first two story arcs, "Stargate Atlantis: Back To Pegasus" and "Stargate Atlantis: Gateways," the comics that made one review say, "As far as television franchises continuing on in comic books I think this one is definitely the most authentic to the series."

From American Mythology


    Cover: Mark Wheatley

    Writer: Mark L. Haynes, J.C. Vaughn

    Art: Greg LaRocque, Scottie Watson

    Teen, Color, 144 pages