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SGU heats up Steppin’ Out magazine

Monday - October 12, 2009

UPDATE: Visit the magazine’s Web site now to read the full, 4-page interview with the actresses!

Stargate Universe babes Alaina Huffman (“Tamara Johansen”) and Elyse Levesque (“Chloe Armstrong”) are heating up the new issue of Steppin’ Out magazine.  The actresses grace the cover of this week’s issue of the New York and New Jersey entertainment magazine, according to blogger Mark Strigl.

Here’s the cover:

Steppin Out magazine - Oct 2009 (Large)
Click to enlarge

Steppin’ Out boasts itself as the regions number one entertainment magazine, with a readership of 140,000 and over 100,000 online visitors.

Check out the magazine online at SO-Mag.comStargate Universe airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. (8 Central) on Syfy.

(Thanks to Mark for sharing!)

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  • Holy crap! I never noticed how green Elyse’s eyes are! Both ladies are looking mighty sexy there!

  • Is it too much to ask for them to dress like that during the show???

  • Just for reference if anyone tries to use this as evidence that SGU is slutty please type “Amanda Tapping” into Goggle images and look at the first result.

  • Anyone who DOES watch Stargate Sg-1 and IS a fan of the show and Amanda Tapping knows there is nothing slutty about her or the show.
    I admit there are new elements to SGU that were not in the SG-1, but we were told that going into it, and they shouldn’t be compared.

  • What’s wrong with being slutty? I’m male, and I’m slutty. Seriously, what’s the problem?

    Just sayin’.

  • Haha. AWESOME.

    Now they only need Jennifer Morrison on the team. C’mon, House producers are firing her (worse decision ever, right after the decision of screwing up after season3) so SGU be wise and hire her. I’ve always seen her as a Sci-Fi girl. I’m sure she could add some spice to the show!

  • Let me know when they actually start writing for the female characters on Universe. They have a lot of work to do undoing the perpetual sexism in Atlantis.

  • hahaha. a new low. 2 reasons to watch a Sci-Fi Show? I didn’t know it was a burlesque show. So forget the creative writing, fantastic directing etc., etc., Just a couple of half clad women make it a reason. I’m surprised that intelligent lady viewers are not storming Sy-fy-lis and MGM with pitchforks and flaming torches, and burning execs in effigy..

  • OMG! While as with anything sex appeal is a big draw. However, I just have one question… I don’t ever remember Rachel Luttrell ever dressing like that until 3 years later…

    Now I will admit that just because they look HOT dressed like that doesn’t make good sci-fi. I will also say this, it doesn’t hurt one damned bit.

  • To think that our morals have dropped so low as a society….God help us.

  • @US06154
    “Intelligent lady viewers” mean very fat and very ugly? No? Just look at the fan female audience on Stargate Comic-con events and think again.
    If you’re not attractive enough (yet/any longer) to pose on the fraking magazine cover – STFU and let young good lookin’ women express themselves. In any possible way.

  • Amamnda did do some shoots like this but it was never on a thing for “2 reasons to watch Stargate”.I guess brad and all the other producers ended up falling for the sex sells image! At least we have SG1 and Atlantis! You know if this was any other show I wouldnt be surprised,but with everything brad has said about “wanting the show to be for the whole family…” and stuff,it really surprises me.

  • Chill, people! These two reasons (four, I’d say) are just an extra. Good direction, good writing, good acting will always be there. But let’s face it, marketing changes, society changes, they’re just appealing to what they know might attract some more viewers at least for one episode. What’s to lose? Nothing. All series have their boy/girl hottie cast and nothing happens. Plus, for a region like NY or Jersey, you either do a cover like that, or you go unnoticed LOL.

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