Chloe Armstrong

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Political science graduate from Harvard University and attaché to her father, Senator Alan Armstrong of California. Intelligent and beautiful, Chloe was the apple of her father's eye before his untimely death on board Destiny. She is articulate, ambitious, and not afraid to state her opinion. While on Earth she was responsible for editing her father's numerous speeches, as well as other secretarial tasks.

It was Chloe's idea to imbed an Ancient mathematical proof into the Prometheus online game. This ultimately resulted in Eli Wallace unlocking the puzzle that allowed the ninth chevron's power issues to be solved. When the Icarus Base personnel were forced to evacuate through the Stargate to an Ancient ship that a failing life support, it was Chloe's father who suffered the most. With the ship's dwindling life support venting out into space, Senator Armstrong sacrificed himself to seal the hatch.

But she is also building positive relationships. She has developed a friendship with Eli Wallace and a romance with with Matthew Scott. Stranded in the far reaches of the universe, she is eager to find a place for herself among the crew.

Several months into her life on Destiny Chloe was abducted and briefly held by aliens. Though she was quickly rescued, it eventually became evident that the aliens had done something to her -- some sort of genetic manipulation that is transforming her, enabling her to rapidly heal from injury and infection, and causing her to black-out and do various tasks on the ship. Eventually she found that she could work Destiny's control systems intuitively. Though the aliens later healed her and stopped the transformation, the long-term residual effects of the experience remain unclear.


PLAYED BY: Elyse Levesque


Air, Part 1 - Chloe Armstrong accompanies her father to the Icarus Base to witness the activation of the ninth chevron, but is forced to evacuate with the rest of the personnel to an Ancient ship when the facility is attacked.
Air, Part 2 - Chloe's father sacrifices himself so that she and the rest of the Icarus personnel may survive. For a time she holds Dr. Rush personally responsible.
Light - Chloe and Scott start a romantic relationship on the eve of impending doom. When not selected in the shuttle lottery, she joins Eli on the observation deck to await their doom.
Earth - Using the communication stones again, Chloe returns home and takes Eli to a club with her friends, where she reacts poorly after learning her best friend is now dating her ex.
Space - When Destiny is attacked by aliens Chloe is taken captive, submerged in a tank of water and subjected to mental probing. She is rescued by Nicholas Rush.
Divided - Still reeling from her abduction, Chloe sides with Rush and Wray in a plan to seize control of Destiny from the military.
Lost - Chloe, Matt, Eli and Ron are trapped in an underground tunnel and left behind by the ship.
Pain - Infected with an alien tick, Chloe hallucinates her father -- and, though she knows he isn't really there, has a heart-to-heart conversation that gives her the chance to truly say goodbye.
Pathogen - Having miraculously healed from a bullet wound, Chloe begins to black-out ... revealing that she may be under alien influence.
Cloverdale - Convinced that her genetic manipulation has left her resistant to an alien creature's infection, Chloe risks her life to expose herself to its sting. When her theory is proved right, she gives Matt a blood transfusion and saves his life.
Visitation - An isolated Chloe comes to terms with the inevitable consequences of her transformation: Colonel Young may have to order her to be put off the ship.
Deliverance - Chloe goes willingly when the crew decide to hand her over to the blue aliens, in the hopes that they will stop her transformation and save her life. When she returns from the procedure, she appears to be herself again.
Epilogue - The Novan historical archives provide Chloe with a look at an alternate timeline and a life that might have been, in which she married Matt and had many children and grandchildren.