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Stargate: Resistance available February 10

Thursday - January 28, 2010
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An old foe is back, as the Goa'uld System Lords once again threaten the galaxy.

An old foe is back, as the Goa'uld System Lords once again threaten the galaxy.

Firesky has announced the release date for the first-ever video game based on the landmark science fiction television series Stargate SG-1 … and it’s only 12 days away.

Stargate: Resistance will be released on February 10, 2010, the publisher announced on the game’s official Web site.

“I want to personally thank everyone for their enthusiasm and support,” studio president Shane Hensley said.  “It’s incredibly exciting to be releasing our first game as a studio, especially with such a great license.”

Resistance is a third-person online cooperative shooter, available (for now) only on the PC.  Players can enter the battle for galactic domination on the side of Stargate Command or the Goa’uld, with six different character classes to choose from.

The game will be available as a digital download only, the publisher tells us — so look for it at, and don’t expect to find a package at your local retailer.

For more about the game, don’t miss GateWorld’s exclusive interview with the producers!

(Thanks to Jeremy and Xenomorph for the tip!)

Darren created GateWorld in 1999, and today is the owner and managing editor. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three children.

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  • something is fishy about this, no matter how interesting it is. either the graphics suck or it has two levels. my gut is telling me somthing. you dont put out a release date twelve days before, is there even a price

  • I believe this is the left over remnants of Stargate Worlds, which was supposed to be an MMO. It was based on an Unreal engine, and didn’t look much like an MMO, in my opinion.
    Perhaps they just converted what was left into a co-op shooter (since it was based on the Unreal engine anyways, which seems like an odd thing to use for an MMO) and that’s what you are getting.

  • “Resistance is a third-person online cooperative shooter, available (for now) only on the PC.”

    Is that a hint that consoles might get it?

  • UGH. I’m excited that there’s finally SOME sort of game coming out…but there ARE still people out there who don’t have high speed Internet. I can’t even upload photos on my connection – how am I supposed to download and play a game? I’d be killed by the time it was halfway loaded.

  • @AsFarAsLarry They’ve been working on this for quite a while, it’s not simply a port. What it is, simply, is a source of revenue so that they can keep working on SGW. That doesn’t mean that it’s bad. Perhaps you should wait until it comes out and hear some reviews. :)

    @BurnZ The text you quoted is from Gateworld. I doubt they have inside knowledge about this. If it’d been from the company itself, I would definitely agree with you.

  • I’m glad to at least finally have a Stargate related game, saying that its about time would be a large understatement. Was disappointed that The Alliance was canned and that SGW looks like its on the road to nowhere so this game out of the blue was sort of a blessing.

    But the fact that it was just suddenly out of the blue concerns me. There has to be something wrong since you don’t announce a new game 2 months before its release unless its lacking something. So I would expect that it was be either very buggy, lack graphical detail or lack content. Would be glad to be proven wrong though.

  • @Tanith…”you don’t announce a new game 2 months before its release” They are announcing it 2 months before release. It’s actually less than two weeks!! Which is just insane imo. I mean yes if you’ve been paying attention to boards or here at Gateworld, it’s actually been in the works for awhile. Still, it just seems weird that they started it after Cheyenne (Firesky’s parent company) has been working on SGW for ages and yet it’s coming out first?!? I’m holding out hope that, because it’s using the Unreal 3 engine and based on the screen shots, it may be ok. Of course that depends on the cost too. LOL

    @Burnz & LHH153…It doesn’t look like it’s going to be released anywhere but pc…per site “What Platforms will it be on? Stargate Resistance will be available on the PC only” When they say only…guess it means only, but we’ll see.

  • Most new releases hit the shelves on Tuesday. They fail on two fronts, not on the shelves, not on Tuesday. I didn’t see a price, but anything more than 30 bucks for a game that’s given hardly any notice, and 30 is pushing it.. 20 bucks Ill buy no matter what, 30? idk. anything more? ill wait.

  • as far i can tell they used the basic setings and engine made for Stargate Worlds.

    Hardly state of the Art Grafics

  • Next time TPTB wants a Stargate game they should give the license to High Voltage. They know how to make a good sci-fi FPS.

  • Darren Sumner

    The comment that the game is only on PC “for now” is based on this statement by the game’s producer, in our interview:

    “While we are launching on the PC, we are certainly open to other platforms such as Xbox 360 and PS3 in the future, if the demand for those platforms is there.”

  • StargateWorlds will still be released, just not soon. If CME get enough money from selling this well have our Stargate MMO, lets support them in this endeavor!


  • Hmm…Stargate: Resistance or Mass Effect 2. Mass Effect 2 or Stargate: Resistance. I think I know the answer to this one…

  • I know I may get flack for this… but I would have given damn near anything to have seen this released on Linux as well as Windows. I mean you figure most hard core Stargate fans (the ones that will buy this game for example), are probably pretty big geeks in of themselves.

    While the majority of their followers probably use Windows, there is bound to be a fair percentage (25%?) that primarily use Linux. Not to mention, the fact that the Unreal Engine has already been ported to Linux in the past, so porting Stargate: Resistance to it would not even be that hard.

    But thats just me…

    -Kevin Soviero

  • A real Geek has more than one OS running… I Like Linux for some things and windows for other things….

  • A real geek has a 360 and/or ps3 as well… I do like how some people justify buying this game only for Stargate Worlds to be released, which due to poor advertising, I doubt they’ll get the cash they ask for, unless Sessler gives it a good review(4 or 5 rating) I’ll probably get the game, when depends on price, but what I dont get is Ok spend 20 or 30 on thsi game so we can make another game, but when that comes out spend 50 or 60 plus 10 or 15 a month.

  • This game is made up of existing or modified Stargate Worlds content. It is being released specifically with the idea of earning some “Quick Cash” to put towards the Stargate Worlds project.

    Will it be good, will it be bad? I can’t say. But I have my doubts as they are only selling it through digi-download and we were only given 12 days of notice before the release date. Rumor also has it the game is not much more than a typical unreal mod.

    I will await reviews before I purchase it. Mass Effect 2 has me now anyways.

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