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Still Hope For Stargate SG-1: Unleashed As Developer Closes Its Doors
Tuesday - February 11, 2014
RegalWorks Media will acquire the studio behind developer Arkalis Interactive, and the Stargate license along with it.

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Stargate SG-1: Unleashed Episode 2 Out Now
Sunday - November 10, 2013
Download the interactive game today for iOS (coming soon on Android).

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Arkalis Announces SG-1: Unleashed Episode 2
Saturday - August 24, 2013
The interactive story will be available for mobile devices this fall.

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First look at SG-1: Unleashed game play footage
Saturday - March 2, 2013
Get another peek at the upcoming interactive SG-1 game in this new video!

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Review: Cancelled Stargate video game ‘would have been a blast to play’
Wednesday - August 29, 2012
Past to Present Online offers some thoughts on the cancelled 2005 game Stargate SG-1: The Alliance.

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‘Stargate Command’ mobile app now available for download
Thursday - July 19, 2012
The free download lets fans explore the S.G.C. and play mini-games on their iPhone or iPad.

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Firsthand look at the defunct SG-1 video game The Alliance
Thursday - May 24, 2012
Watch newly uncovered game-play videos from the PC, PS2, and Xbox game that never made it to market. UPDATED

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Stargate: Resistance game closes the iris
Wednesday - January 19, 2011
The only online game that developer Cheyenne Mountain managed to release is now six feet under.

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CME loses Stargate video game license, Resistance to end in January
Monday - November 22, 2010
The first (and only) Stargate video game will come to an abrupt end this winter, as MGM has allowed its license agreement to expire.

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Dark Comet announces new improvements to Stargate Resistance
Monday - August 2, 2010
A new press release from Dark Comet Games details the improvements to the online Stargate game.

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Dark Comet Games takes over production of Stargate Resistance
Thursday - May 13, 2010
Firesky has entered into an agreement with a new developer to keep the Stargate video game alive.

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Stargate video game developer files for bankruptcy
Saturday - February 20, 2010
Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment has filed for bankruptcy; studio issues a statement. UPDATED

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Preorder Stargate: Resistance and be playing on February 10!
Wednesday - February 3, 2010
Pricing and preorders are now available for the first-ever video game set in the Stargate TV universe.

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Stargate: Resistance available February 10
Thursday - January 28, 2010
Firesky has announced the release date for the video game ... and it's only 12 days away.

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Interview with lead designer of SG-1: The Alliance
Friday - January 1, 2010
Viljar Sommerback talks about the failed Stargate SG-1 video game, The Alliance.

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Sticky: CME answers Stargate Resistance questions
Tuesday - December 22, 2009
We've got questions about the upcoming Stargate video game, and developer Cheyenne Mountain has the answers.

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Firesky announces Stargate Resistance video game
Tuesday - December 8, 2009
The studio behind Stargate Worlds is working on a third-person shooter set in the Stargate universe.

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