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  1. wganubis
    June 16, 2010 at 9:59 am |

    I never saw the Scott/Young relationship as a father/son (militerized it may be) one but more commander and subordant. Was/is Scott even the XO? Where are they coming up with this idea that Scott is starting to fracture as well? If they mean questioning Youngs actions and being indecisive with things such as if they should stay on the planet or go gate hopping I would say that is normal.

    Personally I think Young at least has the right idea in regards to their situation. They are billions of lightyears from earth, all on their own, have to gather everything themselves and are being hunted by aliens who right off the bat attacked and kidnapped a crewmember. Throw in the LA and subversive elements from his own crew its quite amasing that after the failed attempt to take over the ship by the civvies he didnt space Rush and Wray.

    In regards to TJ, I saw it coming that the baby would be put in jeopordy if not killed, its just too good a device for a writer to not use. The story arc that they did in Atlantis with Taylas baby was confussing and mind numbing and I have to wonder if perhaps the writers felt the same and instead used the baby as a character development tool.

    Im pleasantly surprised that this season didnt have a clip show and wonder if those have been put to an end finally. Whenever one of those aired for the other two shows I would go channel surfing. It would be interesting to find out though if it was just a fluke or indeed they will no longer do clip shows.

  2. jjs
    June 16, 2010 at 11:00 am |

    “I know there was a little bit of negativity surrounding that and that [some people thought] it was too character-driven. But I feel like the consequences are greater. Now it’s a story about these characters that we know and the circumstances they’re in, as opposed to it just being about the circumstance.”

    I have to say I complete disagree with her statement. I had more invested emotionally in both SG1 and SGA’s characters in the first year than I have with any of these guys. In fact, I find most of these characters still to be quite detestable and I wish for the sake of the show they would actually get rid of some of them. In SGA and SG1 they didn’t need to focus an entire first half of the season on the characters in a brutally slow plot pace for me to get involved and bond with the characters, mostly because the those characters were interesting, well-written and just plain fun to watch every week. The SGU characters (not the cast) are my biggest issues with SGU. I can honestly say that while I thought the season finale was decent, I really don’t care who lives or dies from the finale. The first half of the season, and even many episodes in the second half turned me off to these characters so completely I am not sure I will actually ever like any of them.

    I will tune in next season to see if the writing and especially the characters improve, but to me the characters are very one dimensional and not compelling at all. I especially found the scenes between Chloe and Eli in the finale to be incredibly high schoolish. Chloe’s rant about never having any real friends until she met Eli almost made me turn off the TV. As soon as she got shot I knew the writers were going to have her chatting constantly about her life and try to force some weird moment between her and Eli. It was painfully predictable. Her character has to be about the worst character to walk across the screen in Stargate.

    Character-driven shows only work when you have interesting characters. Enough said.

    I will end this with, this is just my opinion and I mean no offense to anyone who likes these characters and the show more than I do. And for those who ask why I watch the show if I dislike the characters so much, the answer is I want to give the show a chance to change my mind. It’s made some good changes in the second half, but I am just speechless that a character-driven show has such forgettable characters.


  3. zack
    June 16, 2010 at 12:18 pm |

    I really like SGU, but I have to agree with you in part re the above point regarding characters. I do like all the younger players in the series or, more specifically, their characters. But, as for Col.Young and Rush, I could easily do without either one of them. In fact, I really thing SGU would be even more interesting and appeal to a larger audience if it happened that both Rush and Young were killed early on Season 2 and Scott and all the rest were therefore forced to take up the burden or chore or opportunity (however one might view it) of being the first in command. Without Young and Rush, I think much of what some apparently don’t care for in the series would he largely eliminated – though I will say that Young’s character began to come along way around to being a bit more interesting in the last 3 episodes. As for Rush, he’s simply a very selfish person who also happens to be highly intelligent. I’ve seen enough of Rush to last a long time. But, either way, I personally love the series and have come to really like Eli. Chloe and many of the other characters.

  4. kellx
    June 16, 2010 at 12:21 pm |

    jjs: i completely agree with what you are saying. With the exception of eli, i have a hard time actually liking the characters. Which is something that i really liked about SG1 and SGA. The characters drew me into the show and were fun to watch. don’t get me wrong, i watch and enjoy SGU. it has its ups and downs but i still like it. I find their situation believable, the drama and action realistic but the characters are OK. I am hoping that everything that has happened so far will ultimately help define the characters and make them stronger for season 2. They need to work together as a crew of the ship and put aside their petty differences. i want to like Young but i just can’t sometimes. He has the right idea about survival, i absolutely agree, but he is such a flawed person. He has an affair with someone under his command. O’niell and Carter flirt with this ALL through the series but are professional enough to know that they cannot be together. Thats why that drama was so good. Are they? aren’t they? Young not only hooks up with someone under his command but does it with someone half his age AND gets her pregnant. And to make him more despicable he cheats on his wife to do it. How can i respect someone like this? I also agree that Choloe should be killed. Maybe this will help scott and Eli grow up a bit. I was hoping that getting captured by aliens would help her grow up but i have yet to see this. And most importantly, MORE GREER. he is clearly the bad ass of the crew, lets see him kick some alien ass. I hope they develop the Greer eli relationship a bit more. We saw a taste of this when they go off world. Similar to Mckay Ronon relationship. They respect each other and would take a bullet for one another but don’t really get along. The “unspoken bond” that Mckay refers to. On one hand i can see why they took so long to make these characters so rough, so that in the long run it will make them stronger. to quote spock “a horse must first be broken before it can reach his full potential.” if they develop the characters to be a bit more like able, and all around better, either that or get rid of a few and replace them with better characters, like ford and ronon. If they improve this, i think SGU could easily become the best series so far. I also would like to give the show a chance to change my mind, they have the right idea, just to refine a few things.

  5. AscendedTauri
    June 16, 2010 at 2:33 pm |

    Long live SGU! Can’t wait for October :)

  6. gpaste
    June 16, 2010 at 5:03 pm |

    first id just like to say i mean no disrespect for the comments already posted but some of u really need to pay attention to wots happening in this show,
    kellx u got it spot on about young been a flawed person but thats a good thing it makes it more realistic more believable, every character is flawed in some way or another, youngs relationship with tj makes a lot of sense to me and as much as i love the o’neill/carter moments it got boring after the first couple of seasons and something i personally would not have had in the series.

    jjs i completely disagree with ur point on sg1 and sga as not having to use the first halve of there first season to show who these characters were yes they didnt do it to the extent of sgu but u fail to realise that they only needed to give back story to carter/teal’c and hammond as o’niell and jackson had theres set up in the movie and with sga mckay and wier had theres set up in sg1 so they only had teyla/ford and shepard to set up but with sgu theres 8 characters main characters to set up so its right that the back story would take up a lot of episodes but besides the backstory i think the first season has been fantastic, there has been some great character moments and the story’s have been solid except for 1 minor convenience with rush been collected by the aliens that attack the destiny so he conveniently found his way back to the ship.

  7. sgfan
    June 16, 2010 at 5:47 pm |

    I think the show has greatly improved in the second half of the season. Unfortunately, the 1st has was so slow it may have turned off a lot of viewers as evidenced by the poor ratings. I hope that they’re able to bring in some new viewers in season 2.

  8. Gaeth
    June 16, 2010 at 11:57 pm |


    I have to say I completely disagree with your statement. You had way more time with Sg-1 and SGA characters than SGU since it’s only been on one season. These characters aren’t detestable (not all of them), they just aren’t pristine paragons. The pace of the show isn’t slow. It’s arc driven. We don’t get the same cookie cutter formula ‘action’ show where everything is saved in 45 minutes. Where almost everyone is one dimensional and change little.

    I will tune in next season because I actually care what happens and this is the most interesting and exciting version of Stargate ever.

    Action shows only work when the action isn’t repetitive. Enough said.

    Disclaimer: just my opinion.

  9. psw
    June 17, 2010 at 12:29 am |

    I like the characters of SG1 and SGA since the first episode of those series. And I have seen enough of SGU to be sure, that I will never like any of the SGU characters. I think they are unlikeable and/or boring.

  10. Emily
    June 17, 2010 at 1:33 am |

    It is indeed true that SGU had to set up many characters compared to SG1/SGA. But its how you get to know them I guess. In SG1/A We slowly learn about them, little tidbits at a time. In SGU, it seems they just dedicate one episode to a character, one week, its Eli, next its Chloe, then Rush, then Greer and so on. Whether or not you like that is your choice, but to me, it seemed like they rushed those characters down your throat and forced them into place.

  11. Tim
    June 17, 2010 at 4:36 am |

    Well, I for one am glad now that I stuck with it. It really was moving too slowly at first, and I told myself that if they didn’t introduce the bad guys, I would throw in the towel. The next episode had the aliens. After that, I just keep watching to see how the story progressed; and even though there were no more alien encounters, the last two episodes really kept my attention and will see me come back to watch the second season. Job well done.

  12. zainea13
    June 17, 2010 at 4:42 am |

    I have read most of your comments. I agree with parts of some and parts of others on both sides of the spectrum. I’ll say this in regards to the character development:

    1. Have you ever in a two hour movie been attached to characters? For instance LOTR, I’ll venture to guess the majority of us here have seen them. Did you not fall in love with the characters in the first or by the last part? Did we need them to go back to their normal lives for a drawn out storyline? No, we learn about the characters and who they are and what they are willing to do by the actions they take. That makes a character driven show.
    —-While I like the way they did go back and give more life to the characters. I think they did it the wrong way. They did all the characters stories back to back. Which left little to no development on what was happening on the ship. They should have made it more sporadic throughout the show. Also, when they went back to earth the story always had long parts in it where nothing happened, no dialog, no real interaction. As a writer when you have people go back to a relatively less attention grabbing scene, you have to pack it with details and conversation that captures attention.

    In this regard I think the Telford/Young story played out well. We learned that Young cheated on his wife over time, from both interactions on Earth and on Destiny, Good there. But Lt Scott going back was very boring. He stared at the house, looked, and pondered, then walked in, was confused, and talked about nothing. It should have been, he walks up to the door, knocks “What did you want to see me for?”… “Um. well, you have a son” He is distraught, offers his help. Done. Not the 20 minute scene that happened.

    2. It seems that in this show the characters actually have had little development. They still act toward each other the same way at the end they did in the beginning. Rush and Young still are at each others throats. Camile is still a wuss, and Rush is still cold. I thought after Sabotage Rush had a transformation. Which held up til he harshly said “Well it had to be someone didn’t it?”

    my two cents

  13. Gaia
    June 17, 2010 at 12:39 pm |

    The second half of the season was way better than the first one, but I’m afraid it will never be quite as SG1 or SGA. I was sooo happy seing Sam, Jack and Daniel in the finale and again, I wish for some miracle to happen with the movies…

    I’ll watch SGU of course, but more out of habit and some “obligation” because it is the continuing of the two of my all time favourite series than any real affection for the show.

  14. KaidotheVizard
    June 18, 2010 at 9:12 pm |

    I love SGU, ever since SG1 and SGA finished, im glad SGU was there to fill my love for Stargate as a whole. I love the stories I have always wanted to know how the Stargates are seeded this may be my chance. The charactes are amazing I have never seen an episode where im shouting at the TV because Rush started a coup de gra. I love how Rush at first was just a guy wanting to unlock the 9th chevron evolved into a sneaky ‘I don’t care if im in your way im still doing it’ guy. Chloe and her love triangle, it real life. Then you have the new level of Military vs Citizens. I have grown to care for these characters over the first season and I am amazed that SGU has a second season with all the troubles of MGM and glad I can see what happens to them in October. I just wish people just watch it and enjoy it while they still can.
    Thankyou MGM and I hope the Destiny will carry one it’s mission!

    p.s. Please whish that we get to see a Seeder Ship

  15. Kelara
    June 22, 2010 at 5:31 am |

    My personal problem with the “character development” we see on Universe is not that it’s done, or how it’s done technically. If they want to do a series of episodes focusing on individual characters, fine with me. It’s just that the more backstory of these characters I get, the less sense many of them make. I mean, this (to me) transcends multifaceted (which would be commendable and interesting) and plunges down to where I just plain fail to make out any motivation for character actions that seems even half way logical to me. Scott is a prime example of this. Or Wray. And I think that takes a huge part in the “little bit of negativity” (besides the general slow pace), that Mrs. Huffman commented on.

    As far as the baby storyline goes… well. It was a good chance to work in some more drama and tension and the PTB chose to take up that opportunity. Still, I’m convinced it will destroy a lot of opportunities for Lt. Johansen. That character had a lot of potential in the leadership department and will now most likely be “reduced” to the “crying female” (which is only too realistic, considering she lost her child and the circumstance it happened under), as she mourns the child. She might ultimately grow stronger from it, but till then it seems like quite a tedious time ahead of her. Let’s see how they handle it in S2.

  16. Gunk
    June 26, 2010 at 12:25 pm |

    to quote spock “a horse must first be broken before it can reach his full potential.” if they develop the characters to be a bit more like able, and all around better, either that or get rid of a few and replace them with better characters, like ford and ronon. If they improve this, i think SGU could easily become the best series so far. – Kellx

    If you’re going to use a Spock quote, use a real one like “The Universe will unfold as it should.” I think that one seems much more fitting at the moment.

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