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Producer reveals alternate ending for SGU finale

Saturday - May 14, 2011
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If you haven’t seen the final episode of Stargate Universe yet, beware of big SPOILERS below!

Fans of Stargate Universe tuned in for the show’s final moments this week, and saw Eli Wallace risk — or perhaps sacrifice — his life for his friends, volunteering to stay behind and try to repair Destiny‘s last statis pod while the rest of the crew went into stasis.  But the ending was originally very different.

Executive producer and “Gauntlet” co-writer Joseph Mallozzi revealed on his blog that in the story’s original pitch, the identity of the person who stayed outside of the pods came down to a coin-flip … and was to be left ambiguous at the season’s end, setting up a fascinating character study for the start of Season Three.

“The original pitch had Young and Rush as the last two men standing,” Mallozzi said.  “With one, lone serviceable pod remaining, they argue, then make the decision to let fate decide.  They flip a coin.  Winner makes the sacrifice and stays out; loser goes into stasis.  The coin flip is made and, as it descends, we FADE OUT, not knowing the results.

“One of the possibilities this particular ending set up was a Season Three opener which finds Rush, three years later, a little loopy from his time alone.  As he goes through his daily maintenance of the ship’s systems, he converses with members of the crew who, it turns out, are hallucinations.  Suddenly, the gate activates.  A bewildered Rush hurries to the gate room in time to see Telford lead a rescue op through.  Turns out, after several years, Earth finally acquired a means to dialing Destiny. Of course, the rescue turns out to be short-lived as it ends up being a hallucination as well when, in the episode’s final turn, we discover Rush in stasis (he was the one who lost the coin toss), evidently dreaming, while Young maintains the solitary existence as Destiny‘s caretaker.”

Eli contemplates what may be his brief future in the final moments of SGU's finale.

Mallozzi said that, while it was a cool idea, it suffered from a number of problems that eventually prompted the show’s producers to rule it out.  In addition to the fact that the antisocial Rush would be quite happy to live by himself on the ship, it suggested a season opener that was low on action.

Making Eli the one who sacrifices himself in the end brought the fan-favorite character to a new point of maturity, bringing his journey full circle.

In the full post, Mallozzi also discusses possible solutions to the conclusion that they ended up writing and filming.  Though the writers hadn’t settled on how to resolve the fate of Eli and the rest of the crew, or how much time would have passed when they woke up, they brainstormed a lot of different scenarios, including:

  • Eli fixes a pod
  • Eli taps some hitherto unexploited power reserve which allows him to extend life support for three years
  • Eli manages to survive the three-year trip by routing sufficient power to keep life support active in the shuttle
  • Eli fails to fix the pods or extend life support, so he survives by sitting in the chair and uploading his consciousness to Destiny‘s computer
  • Rescue comes in the form of some outside force, such as a new portable power supply from Earth (which has figured out how to dial Destiny in the intervening three years) or an advanced military contingent of the crew’s descendants (from “Common Descent” and “Epilogue”)

Check out the full story now at Joseph Mallozzi’s blog!

Darren created GateWorld in 1999, and today is the owner and managing editor. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three children.

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  • Seriously, they wanted to end the season with a coin flip? Not the most exciting of season cliff hangers is it really?

  • not a series or season finale in any way. that goes for both versions.

  • @ Jedi_Master_Bra’tac: Let’s be happy they didn’t do that then ;)

    A lot of these idea’s sound great. The last one might actually be the coolest.. a military contingent of the descendants!

  • JM’s past few blogs posts have been very interesting. Take a look at today’s post where he calls BS on most of Craig Engler/SyFy’s reasoning behind why they cancelled SGU. I doubt he cares if he is burning bridges since they killed the franchise that gave him a steady writing job for 10+ years.

    If anyone from SyFy is reading this you do know it’s not just hardcore Stargate fans that hate you now, right?

    You’re the Sony of broadcasting companies. You pissed of the fans that made your network a success. It’s us, not the lot that watches fake wrestling :P

    I really do hope MGM doesn’t let the franchise die like this. Start a new series set anywhere between 3-1000 years in the future, and have some or most of the crew from Destiny on it….at least Eli :)

  • That coin-flip sounds very JAG-like ;)

    I think I would have enjoyed the final Young-Rush facedown and the season 3 opener sounds pretty cool, but honestly? I think the ending with Eli was even better. I truly loved it and I’m glad TPTB made the choice they did.

  • @ Lee_Machine

    Im totally with you, If they left it on Friday night and advertise it abit better Im more then sure we would be seeing season 3 right now! …. Ok we all know season 1 was a lame but season 2 ROCKED IT…

    Im very Fracked off and will no longer watch SYFAIL channel AGAIN

  • I see people complaining about the advertisement – the show got a theatrical trailer, it was promoted high and low all over the place before its premiere, it even got a huge press event that went with the premiere. At some point, the show has to stand on its own legs, like every other show. It got a big push to draw outsiders to sample it – after that, it’s up to the writers to keep the attention of the masses. The show was turning into a money sucking black hole even before the first hiatus. A series with such a huge budget – over 2 mil. per ep according to R. Carlyle – needs to deliver big time!

  • I don’t live in the US so I don’t know how advertising was, but they should have counted online downloads, and DRV recordings. SyFy should have put it online at with ads like what ABC did with LOST. They could even charge and be ad free. The point is they didn’t care enough to try. I understand anything but live viewers didnt make SyFy money, but rather MGM. Well change your model to fit the changing in viewing habits. Since they didn’t do that they have this horrible PR that will taint the network for many years to come.

    Fox is still getting s**t for cancelling Firefly, and that was 10 years ago. IMO this is MUCH more damaging then canceling Firefly. Firefly aired what, 12 eps then died. SGU had 40, and the 17 year strong franchise behind it.

    What really baffles me is ok, Syfy cancelled SGU, but then MGM really killed it. What ever happened to that 500 million set aside during the bankruptcy for the Stargate franchise? Let me guess, they gave that all to another Bond film so they can total another DB9 :P

  • SYFy is a bunch of liars! People say the numbers for the series was off, and yes they were, but SyFy went above and beyond to do the show injustice. Why didn’t they bring back tough enough, or whatever that wrestling thing was from last season to contend with Tuesday nights, and just leave, SGU on Friday nights. Answer, well apparently, they grew tired of paying top dollar for SGU, and decided to do exactly what they did with SG1; use that money for cheaper shows. How do we know this? Well, we’re watchers and observers of which ever night this show or that show comes on. But, for these people at SyFy, this is their livelihood. To put it simply, SYFy could be compared to Wall Street, and those who know the market by heart: Investment banks would use the magical concept of dividends to add value to objects or concepts, to justify investing the money of investors so as they could be paid their commission for investing, and not necessarily even making a profit off that investment. As brilliant as these investment banks, and others are to crook investors out of their money, that’s how brilliant people are at SyFy when considering the numbers. These guys and gals are Statistics majors; numbers and reports to them are as viable as a 3D image that once you see the pattern, you can’t un see it. They knew the numbers were off for SGU, and saw this as an opportunity to kill the show. Let’s say they’re paying a million five an episode, but pays only six hundred thousand for eureka and warehouse 13, they’d estimate it’s better to let SGU die, than to allow the show time to build an audience and they’d be stuck paying double for one instead of for two. So they waited months to bring on Season 2, and they moved it from Friday nights (which would have more than likely kept the 1.45 million viewers, and moved it to Tuesday night, where they knew it had no chance, since, most of those shows, are open air shows, and one doesn’t need a cable box for it. As we all know word of mouth is a powerful thing, so one person in a building of 300 that has the Neilson box is being bombarded by everyone else who doesn’t have cable,but continually promotes an open air show. Remember, SyFy plans this stuff months before they do it, so to think, they made last minute decisions is incredibly naive. They wanted out of the Stargate Franchise, to produce lack luster shows. Why wasn’t Eureka pitted against Network shows, or Warehouse 13, if their numbers were so awesome? Don’t be fooled people!

  • I wonder if there was any plans to have a 4th spin off, not so much about gate travel (although could of been a feature at some point)

    Its just with all the references to Homeworld Command, to me it sounded like they were plugging something..

    Maybe it’s something they could to combine all three series in the future, why does it always have to be set in one area of the universe, use all 3… Maybe even announce to the world about the program, would be very interesting to see the struggles after that, whether there’d be uproar or even acceptance, people using it every day like the ep with The Ashen..

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We’ve seen what happens when a network puts their actions in their mouth and really proves that they love a sci-fi show. Fox and Fringe. SyFy can’t say ANYTHING about SGU and how much they “love it” after what Fox has done by showing support for Fringe, a series that has been struggling but constantly gets renewed. Similarily you can say the same about NBC and Chuck. Every year the series is on the bubble. People say it’ll get canceled and it gets renewed for a 13-episode season, followed by a pickup of the back half afterwards. Yet SyFy can’t show this support for SGU? They can’t even give us a 13 episode season to finish the story off? I would be happy with just that, 13 more episodes to at least give better conclusion.

    Also, after watching Smallville’s well-done finale last night (not perfect but satisfying!) it makes me even more sad that we won’t have at least a 2 hour movie to give us that sort of conclusion to SGU.

  • As in alternate ending I thought a movie was underway. I’m just still waiting for good news. Seems like week after week Stargate is getting further and further away.
    But I’m glad they didn’t go with this alternative ending, because whats the point of saying that you’re all family if you’re having a coin toss? Glad this didnt happen because it would have been a awful “series finale” if it did happen. Seriously, as the coin flips and descends the camera fades away? I might have to break something to fix the frustration of guessing what would happen.
    And I hate Syfy for cancelling the show, but what happened to MGM’s not done with stargate? It seems like everytime when Brad or Mallozi speak for MGM, MGM turns around a few days or weeks later and does the exact opposite.
    Example 1: MGM says there going to do movies, then they keep everyone waiting, thinking that we’ll get the movies. Then drop the ball on us 3 years later. Example 2: When Syfy cancelled SGU MGM was said to say though Syfy cancelled it, we havent. Then turns around weeks later and permanetly cancels all projects.
    Constant lying pisses me off! Words dont count for anything in the buisness world, only things on paper do. And if it was on paper, I’m sure lawsuits would’ve been filed by now

  • @Petra: Coin-flip at the end of the season/series, is indeed very JAG-like. Thought the same as you when I read it.

    Furthermore, the “Season 3 opening concept” of having Rush seemingly on the ship all to himself for 3 years, being greeted by Telford etc, only to find out it was all a hallucination, gave me a bit of Voyager/Enterprise vibe. Both of those shows had similar “isolation”-stories, in which it turns out the main character was (7of9/T’Pol respectively) was merely hallucinating.

  • No offense to anyone, but some of these comments are hysterical, ie: ‘SyFy lies!’They cancelled SGU because they hated it!’The program director doesn’t like scifi!’, etc.
    Do any of you actually, really believe that ANY business is run that way? That the network execs allow programming to be done by somebody’s personal taste!? Look, I know that there’s alot of younger people on this site, but please, reality check…
    I loved SGU (after originally thinking I wouldn’t), but if it didn’t draw enough viewers to sustain it, then it didn’t. Yeah, SyFy is cheap with the $ (they’re owned by NBC, after all), but they have no obligation to keep putting money into a show that is not making it back for them…
    Having said that, I do find it a bit surprising that some station, somewhere, wouldn’t take on the Stargate franchise, considering how successful it’s been for 14-15 years, or that the movies planned couldn’t get up the $ for production, but that’s another post…

  • Rush dreaming for a whole episode, huh?

    I personally *hate* hallucination/dreaming/ alternative-realities/ time-travel/ religion episodes/shows. When I rewatched SGU on Netflix recently, I passed over “Time”, “Pain”, “Cloverdale”. The episodes with the descendants (a time travel outcome) also didn’t sit well with me either.

    I feel that these plotlines don’t progress the plot at all. I see them as fillers. And SGU already had a number of such episodes. Not good, for an otherwise excellent show.

  • The season/series finale was great, now if they would do something to finish up the SGU storyline.

    I personally would enjoy seeing SGU being finished in a series novels.

  • I’m from the UK, so don’t have the same level of knowledge about US channels. However, I understand Syfy is one of the premium cable channels – one that people have to pay extra to get. With the ending of SGU, I guess all the people complaining about the lack of any actual scifi are going to cancel their subscriptions, so Syfy’s major income stream is going to fall. They still have to fill the same number of broadcast hours, even if it is with cheaper shows. So they still have to sell advertising, but within shows that probably don’t have the same following as SGU, so the advertisers won’t want to pay as much for the slots.

    Regardless of my personal thoughts on SGU, my accountant’s brain is wondering whether Syfy’s business model really can cope with losing such a big name show. I hope they’ve got something they think is big enough to replace it. Caprica couldn’t fit the bill and Sanctuary is getting a kicking in its new timeslot. Are they hanging everything on Blood & Chrome? If they are, they’d better get it on the air before all their subscribers think they have better things to do with their money.

  • @ELQ: You didn’t like “Time” ? Thought it was an unreal episode myself. Brilliant use of time-travel mumbojumbo. If it hadn’t been for the two previous time lines, the crew would’ve all been killed by the water contamination.

    Yup, a coin-toss series finale for the Stargate franchise would not have sat well. I think Syfy would have been set on fire if they cancelled Stargate with an ending like that. If anything, the writers of the show really saved them with the Eli ending. And deserve to be able to make a film finale ! Reasonable enough really

  • I’ll tell you why Universe failed. There are many reasons of course. However the main reason is the show just didn’t feel like stargate. I did enjoy the show, alot in fact. But stargate fans didn’t show up, or did and most left. SG-1 is a perfect place to start. After Richard Dean Anderson left the fans stayed but not for long. You can easily say Anderson’s leaving killed SG-1. Atlantis was big at first, but it just wasn’t as good as SG-1. In the later seasons it did pick up in qaulity but the audience was already gone. Universe rejected the formula that made SG-1 work, and paid for it.

    Same can be said about Star Trek Voyager or Deep Space 9. I for one enjoyed all these shows. But alot of people didn’t. We know as a matter of fact that most people don’t like good shows anyway. They would rather watch american idol or Dancing with the stars. This is what people want, like it or not. Plus less and less people are watching tv. And there are to many choices out there to begin with.

    We don’t live in the day where 90+ million people tuned in to see who shot JR. Sci-Fi has always been low rated stuff that just a small amount of people would even watch. So don’t be surprized if Blode & Chrome gets cancelled in season 1 or 2. It wont get the ratings and it will cost to much money.

    It also don’t help that shows like Caprica and Sanctuary totally suck. There is little good sci-fi left to watch.

  • @VengefulSpud – “You didn’t like “Time”?”

    I agree that it was a much better rendition of most time travel stories, but it was still time travel, and I have an allergy on that. :-)

  • @kevinmbaron — “the main reason is the show just didn’t feel like stargate”

    As I’ve written before, there was a remedy for that. The remedy was for MGM to not pitch the show on SyFy in the first place. Another channel/network should have carried SGU without this “legacy problem”, where existing SyFy Stargate viewers had a very strict definition of what they wanted to see on TV. On another channel, they could get both the old SG fans (and most would have bailed out, as they did), but a plethora of new kinds of viewers would have signed in. Viewers that don’t otherwise tune in on SyFy, even if SGU would have been their kind of game.

  • @ Fenny. SyFy is not a premium cable channel. Yes you have to pay for a cable subscription to get it, but SyFy usually will come in a basic cable package. It’s not like say HBO/Showtime/STARZ (which I would call your “premium” channels) where you have to pay extra just to get only those channels.

    As to the proposed alternate ending, if the show had gotten another season, I don’t think I would have minded the coin toss as the cliffhanger. Glad they went with the Eli one though since it didn’t get another season. If it had been Rush to stay behind like I thought it would be as I watched that ep, I figured it would have ended with him uploading himself into Destiny. I always imagined that that is how Rush would have always gone out on SGU. Can’t see Eli doing it. Wouldn’t have been fitting.

    I forgot about the JAG coin toss. But the famous coin toss for me is the one at the end of the third season of Farscape. At one point I think they had thought about leaving it hanging with that, but they didn’t.

  • This is news? Why do we care? The story is over…and I will not invest in another anything that SyFy has anything to do with again. Why would any clear thinking person do that. They have proven they could care less about the fans. Let em die slowly as others come to this conclusion.

  • Just like SG1 did- give us an ending on dvd, we’ll have a satisfing closure and you’ll have fans that will stay with you.

  • Neat, I thought of idea #4 … most logical choice, but to upload himself would have consumed energy and possibly made Destiny fall short.

    One thing I need to go back and figure out, I don’t remember them mentioning what happened to the descendants they picked up … the episode ended and they weren’t in the next episode. So, they must have been taken back to another planet or stayed on Destiny. Hmm. I must have missed something.

  • Technically SyFy is a premium channel, because you pay for it in your cable/sat subscription. That is something that has been lost in the last 10 or 15 years to most American consumers. Part of your subscription fee actually goes to paying for the channels in your package, even the basic package. The problem is that subscriber fee’s have been going up and up and up but the fee’s that the service providers will agree to pay the channels is going down and down and down. The channels have no choice but to eventually agree to the lower rates or lose millions of potential viewers.

    Cable and Satellite were once considered commercial free, just like HBO and Starz are today. Then someone got the bright idea to sell commercials, then someone else got the bright idea to lower provider fee’s since stations were selling ads, and it created the vicious cycle we see today.

    And for whatever reason we are not allowed to ala-carte our channels. If we were allowed to pick and choose the channels in our subscription package then genre channels wouldn’t have to pander to the lowest common denominator as much. They could charge 3 or 4 dollars a month per subscription and sell ad space and make money regardless of the ratings.

  • Decent enough ending for the season finale, horrible ending for a series finale. Syfy, you really screwed up by canceling this show. The progress made after the poor first season was incredible. Kudos to the actors and writers for the giant improvement in episode quality. If they could accomplish that much in season 2, imagine what could have been done with a third season or more. As a longtime SG fan I loved seeing McKay (David Hewlett) guest star on SGU, had hoped to see more of him. Many people can’t watch the show live, and therefore watch it by other means where their viewership is not counted. Wisen up Syfy! It’s never too late to rethink your mistake, bring back SGU!

  • Eli was never “a fan favorite” of mine, although I didn’t mind with how the final episode ended, with him ‘maturing’ somewhat and making the choice to remain awake. But I think the other ending with Young and Rush had a lot of potential and in some ways might have been better. After all, those two men were very much at odds with one another much of the time, with Rush nearly being killed twice as a result of Young’s lack of patience with him. But then again, the coin toss flip and leaving an open question as to who would have done what also would have smacked a little too much of the series finale for “JAG” in a way, so I’m torn and have some reservations as to where and how that would have left things as well.

    More than anything though, I’m still pissed that this show has been cancelled and won’t be returning. I never expected to actually “like” a “Stargate” show. I tuned out SG-1 years earlier without ever looking back practically, and although I watched “Atlantis”, I at best tolerated it, but that was about it. So this is a loss for fans of good science fiction, and it’s one that really hurts.

  • I like the idea of them waking up 3 years down the line and interacting with more of their descendents. But I’m still with everyone else and feeling pissed as hell that they cancelled such a brilliant show. Yes, it had it’s flaws, but don’t ALL shows have their flaws? At least this one kept people entertained… unlike wrestling and all those reality shows they’ve got.

    So disappointed in that network. Hopefully HBO, Showtime, Netflix or SOMEONE will revive Stargate Universe… even if just for a mini-series or one last season to finish things PROPERLY. Guess it’s up to us now to contact them all and let them all, including MGM and SyFy, know how much WE want the show.

  • Thank God they didn’t go with the coin toss,that would’ve been awful!
    And @phoenix7 I’m 33,maybe that’s young to you,I’m also aware there are many younger ppl than me here,but your patronising tone is just funny.Even more by YOUR obvious lack of media business understanding,something those kids you refer to will,or do eat for breakfast!
    If you knew anything about it you’d be aware that SGU is just a symptom of a much more serious disease and of tha fact that SyFy just commited business suicide!

  • Never gonna never gonna never gonna…
    I will never watch anything on See Fee (FI, Fo, oh so Dumb) channel again. Killing probably the best written North American SCI FI (space based) programme was a grave mistake but it is like that typical Americana attitude, if not invented here, then it is not promoted or supported. See Fee did not create SG’s, they bought them in from other broadcaster channels and then killed it just as they did oh let’s see: Farscape, Lexx, I could make a long long list, but we all know the story. See Fee only likes stand along episodes that can be aired at any time so that they can mix and match and do repeats at any given point and they fit in, very 1970’s style tv. But when it comes to an overarching plot/story line that you have to watch in the order 1,2,3…. a,b,c… the stand alone episodes do not fit with their 20 week out of 52 of the year time slots!
    Fact is the reason Battlestar was so succuessful pre-writers strike was it actually delivered over 20 episodes and a short break and another traunch of episodes.
    SGU, the entire season was filmed and post production – then sat on a shelf to be aired up to and sometimes over a YEAR after it was filmed! Overarching long story plots HAVE to be filmed and aired within a time window of days to no more than weeks.
    So See Fee will fail and revert to what they think is SCI FI in stand alone episodes like junkhouse 13 and eureka, either of those you can watch an episode from season 1 2 3 etc and you would not notice if the story had actually progressed. People’s attention span has moved on and we like a 20 to 40 to 100 episode story arch, shame SEE FEE is too dumb to ever delivery it.
    MY personal advice to anyone with a SCI FI programme/show, if and when SEE FEE approaches you to buy the rights to broadcast it, SAY NO! If you say yes, you will only get what is in the original contract, 40 episodes as with SGU, till the end of the season with Farscape etc. Other’s cut even shorter.
    At least the only remaining Space Based SCI FI programme left (Doctor Who) is well funded and NOT made in america (or vancouver) and is not dependent on SEE FEE putting it up against pre-scripted fake fat men acting like 2 year olds in diapers.

  • I understand that SGU’s fans are upset. I was upset about SGA’s cancellation and this year, when CBS canned Chaos. But honestly, if the failure of SGU was all SyFy related, another network would’ve jumped at the chance to air the show. But not even SPACE – where it was still doing reasonably well, despite a 40% drop off – picked it up. The show just wasn’t delivering for its price. BW was trying to shop it around and nobody bought it, which is pretty telling, I think. And I would agree with those SyFy blamers, if the show was doing well abroad – but it wasn’t, it failed where ever it aired, and that was definitely not SyFy’s fault. So yeah, reality check would be in order, I think.

  • @ Jim…First of all, there was nothing “patronising” about my tone at all, sir, and if you’re 33, I wasn’t referring to you at all. So you’re saying that a business ACTING as a business is an “obvious lack of media business understanding”? How so? I think you have that reversed; media business = $. Where’s the misunderstanding, Jim?
    BTW, my ‘obvious lack of understanding’ comes from a GF who worked 3 years for CBS news, then 5 years for Columbia Tri-Star pictures; maybe you’d like to straighten her out, hmmm? Look, you’re entitled to whatever feelings and opinions you have on this subject, but just one comment: slamming someone for pointing out that television is a business, that businesses want to make a profit, and that personal feelings are not an issue here, makes YOU sound “patronising”, not to mention unrealistic…

  • The “audience loss” was there from the beginning, when this show made its debut. “Stargate” as a brand had already been eroding in terms of viewership prior to SGU even being created, and I don’t believe that it’s because people stopped watching altogether–either this show or its predecessors necessarily.

    The problem is two-fold and is rooted in the age we now live in, wherein people can watch shows when they care to and when it’s convenient for them rather than when any given station decides to broadcast it.

    So you have a good show, such as SGU, that probably had an audience that wasn’t really as small as it appeared according to ratings as they’re tallied following an original on-air broadcasting of an episode, but because people are choosing not to look at it at that specific time, which they no longer have to anymore in this day and age, the station that airs it is really only concerning itself with the numbers they see, which don’t really reflect the total picture of what’s going on. Hence, more good, decent shows getting cancelled, now more than ever before because of a flawed ratings system that doesn’t meet or reflect the needs or viewing habits of today’s audiences.

    To make matters even worse and add to the existing ratings woes is that people are undoubtedly noticing good shows getting cancelled at a higher rate than ever before, and even a lot faster than they used to be in some cases, and so potential viewers sitting at home don’t want to invest the time in something that is not going to pay off in the end for them, which is also really taking its toll on the industry. After all, why waste valuable time on a show that will never have a resolution? And that can be said for “V”, which ABC just dropped, along with “The Event”, which NBC just dropped, and of course, SGU, which SFC has dropped. So in terms of the broad, across the board spectrum, less and less people are watching than ever before as well because they know in advance that this will likely be the fate of most shows, so why bother? It’s a brutal combination that’s a double-edged sword when you get right down to it, and unless things somehow change, this is what we have to look forward to in the years to come, and it will result in more talent and reality shows rather than good, solid dramas that cost significantly more money to produced by comparison.

  • @Jim:
    “If you knew anything about it you’d be aware that SGU is just a symptom of a much more serious disease and of tha fact that SyFy just commited business suicide!”

    How is canceling a show not liked by many a business suicide? Can you elaborate on this? What is that serious disease? Common sense? wich finally prevailed and convinced some suits that the soup opera in space doesn’t do well with people?

  • What does it say about a country whose people prefer the kind of silly fluff offered up in shows like “Warehouse 13” compared to a much more serious-minded drama like SGU that actually dares you to think about what’s going on and what you might be inclined to do in any of the kinds of situations the crew of the Destiny find themselves confronted by in any given episode? Has there ever been a more ridiculous, mentally arrested adolescent character than Eddie McClintock’s Pete in “Warehouse 13”? And yet, apparently that’s the kind of nonsense people prefer to watch apparently.

  • @boxvic who wrote: “Technically SyFy is a premium channel, because you pay for it in your cable/sat subscription. That is something that has been lost in the last 10 or 15 years to most American consumers.”

    I don’t think that is lost on most paying for cable/sat. I don’t class it as a premium channel because for the people “claiming” they are going to cancel their subscription to SyFy, well that essentially means they are dumping their entire cable/satellite subscription. It’s not like people dropping Showtime and Showtime only when it stopped airing SG-1. You can’t just toss Skiffy under the bus without tossing all the other cable channels with it, and I find it very hard to believe that some people only subscribed to cable “just” to watch the SyFy channel and SGU.

    “Part of your subscription fee actually goes to paying for the channels in your package, even the basic package. The problem is that subscriber fee’s have been going up and up and up but the fee’s that the service providers will agree to pay the channels is going down and down and down. The channels have no choice but to eventually agree to the lower rates or lose millions of potential viewers.”

    Not ESPN. They charge cable and satellite operators an average of $4.40 a month per subscriber. ESPN covers 98% of all US pay TV households and 86% of all TV households. Now I know it’s a sports channel, but it’s a channel people want to watch so it has more leverage to get the price it wants along with the big advertising bucks. SyFy is not in that position just like many other channels aren’t which is why it averages around 21 cents per subscriber.

    Look at G4 (a Comcast-owned channel like SyFy). DirecTV dropped that channel from their service this past November because it was one of the lowest rated networks based on Nielsen data. According to the LA Times article I read, DirecTV has about 19 million subscribers and they were only having to pay about five cents per subscriber for G4 and they still tossed it even though G4 says it was negotiating for the same deal it was already in.

    “And for whatever reason we are not allowed to ala-carte our channels. If we were allowed to pick and choose the channels in our subscription package then genre channels wouldn’t have to pander to the lowest common denominator as much. They could charge 3 or 4 dollars a month per subscription and sell ad space and make money regardless of the ratings.”

    I’m thinking they would have to charge way more than 3 or 4 dollars a month. When you do it a la carte, I would think the struggling channels like SyFy are going to have to charge a whole lot to make up for what they loose when people don’t bother subscribing to them. Where as with things like they are now, they get their money per subscriber regardless of whether all those cable/sat subscribers watch that channel or not.

    I don’t see how a la carte is going to make the programming better. Why would they toss WWE from their scheduling? It anything they are going to go for the shows that are proven winners in order to entice people to buy their channel. Low rated sci-fi shows like SGU aren’t going to cut it. And then I don’t see why advertisers are going to want to put out the money to advertise on channels with low subscriber numbers. HBO gets more than $7 a subscriber yet only 39% of pay tv subscribers buy that channel…and it’s commercial free. I’d guess that SyFy would be very hard pressed to get that many to subscribe in an a la carte system. People won’t even watch SyFy for 20 cents on cable, why would they want to pay several dollars for it? You have to have the content “before” people will pay that kind of money for it.

  • The fact that the writers decide what to do based on coin flips explains a lot about SGU.

  • Does the same apply to the writers of “JAG”, who ended that show with a coin flip after ten seasons?

  • I really liked the ending that they aired and think it was the best one they came up with. I’m glad SyFy didn’t use any of the others.

    As a fan who watched Stargate since it began airing on SciFi after coming over from Showtime I liked all the versions. However I think it’s wrong for some people to attack the previous versions or other SyFy shows just because they aren’t as engaging with their subject matter. I didn’t really care for the darker side of SGU at first but came to like it as the writing got better. That is the same reason why I didn’t like Battlestar Galactica (and watched very little of it) as it was too dark. I don’t want to constantly watch shows that are way to serious or dark. I want some sort of entertainment value to it. Even though SGU wasn’t very entertaining I stuck with it and I’ll miss it. This is one of the reasons why I think people bailed on watching SGU while SG-1 and SGA were more successful. Critical acclaim doesn’t always bring in viewers to support the show in the ratings. That helped with its downfall along with SyFy constantly changing the scheduling of it which just set it up for failure.

  • The ending of SGU wasn’t too bad–unlike the Atlantis ending….

    Here I was thinking that the episode was going to be a cliffhanger (and I hate cliffhangers–especially if there’s no resolution). To me it wasn’t really a cliffhanger cause it ended where SGU could continue–if it wasn’t canned–or end (while still having a good ending).

    To me SGU got a better ending than Atlantis. Atlantis was mainly about them being in the pegasus galaxy….
    I don’t know.. maybe I’m still mad at the ending of Atlantis…

    Anyway, I’m glad they choose this ending for SGU. The original one would just been soooo lame.

  • we need to get everyone who wants this show back to email the syfy network tell everyone we know to contact them. post all your friends on facebook,myspace any social network you can think of. tell them we want it back!!! I have.

  • @Lee_Machine – Paid downloads would have factored into MGM’s decision. But obviously MGM didn’t see indication of enough people being willing to pay. Torrent downloads do not and never will factor into such decisions because it’s not paying the bills. As for Syfy showing it online with commercials, this may not have been an option available to them. Distribution rights can be very specific. As for the $500 million – that was not for Stargate. That was capital to jumpstart production on new projects. Some of it may have gone to Stargate, but not likely much of it if any. Right now, they’re probably making more on the syndication rights for SG1 and SGA than they could hope to make on SGU. And it has nothing to do with SGU – they have 15 seasons between SG1 and SGA that’s costing them nothing right now and so the money they make is profit. Whereas SGU was costing them money and they were still a ways off from syndication. With no other networks able to pay for the show to go on, they really had no choice but to shelve it for now. By letting go of all of the expensive elements (long-term production staff and crew) and ditching the high-paid actors, in time, they can revisit stargate with a much leaner budget and a fresh approach. They are a business and they made the right choice.

  • They should have Eli use the chair to download ancient knowledge so he can fix the pod since he might deduce after a week he was doomed anyway. I would have liked him to tap into ancient knowledge for at least a little while so he can turn some more of the ship on and get it running for once.

  • Did anyone pitch the Stargate world to the Chinese? If they can finance America, they can finance Stargate. Stargate might even be cheaper.
    CHINESE SCI-FI Fans Unite. We’re a little short of cash to keep the franchise alive. How are you doing for cash? Could ya kinda keep things running? We could use a superhero.

    Think about it. We think Sci-Fi is a good investment, when done correctly,

    Thank You!

  • Seriously. There is no way to get the tv and film Industry to listen to fans aside from a complete and utter boycott of the programs they may produce. MGM makes a new sci fi series you dont watch it. If you watch Sy-Fy its turn just stop watching it. However seriously that could never happen. If the powers that be don’t want to do anymore with teh franchise then they should be willing to give it to someone who wants it no cash down. If I was George Lucas and I didn’t want to do anything more with the Star wars Franchise I would give it all away to someoen who wanted to expand upon it all rights and intellectual property. Same goes with SG-U if they don’t want to do a Movie to follow up or a what the hell season 3 to tie up all the loose end and end it with them getting home then let someone else take it and do the final. It comes down to people in the big seats love the money they get on the sale of dvd sets and they won’t give it up to someone who wants it. I recently turned off my cable tv as my boycott. Sy Fy got some great viewership on the last episode. aside from Nielson Boxes there is no way to really tell how many watched the last episode and watched every episode prior. Numbers can be swayed the reality is when you have screaming fans who want to see a 3rd season this is proof that you should do what the fans want. after all if noone buys the dvd set and dedicated sci fi fans stop watching the movies that those attached to SG-U produced we can kind of cut your wallets down.

    Give the series to someone who wants it. Years ago there was talk of a revisit to Lost In space with the remaining original cast. sadly the one that was really behind died. Great films like Galaxy Quest sequals will never see the light of day cause a major cast member is dead.

  • I just cancelled my cable TV that was the last show that I really wanted to watch. Now I’ll just make do ripping anything I want to watch straight from the net. Move that digit to the other column.

  • Stargate needs to get away from the Sy-Fry channel & MGM.

  • I was really getting into SGU with the last half of season 2. Now it feels as if there is a big hole out there, with never having any resolution to the crew of destiny.

  • i thought of the uploading consciousness on my own when thinking of what would come next but i really like the descendant idea to get them out of the fix they were left in please god someone make a comic book or something to wrap up sgu!

  • No comic books, or books period, but that’s what will happen.What a freakin joke if you ask me.

  • A Book(s) Comics or anything else aside from a 3rd and final season to wrap up loss ends or a made for TV movie/DVD would do SG-U Justice. Maybe the heads of the stargate venture should look for dedicated fans and ask them how to proceed to do a ending that would make the masses happy. Movie and TV Giants cant afford to lose out on the profits of DVD sales and Merchandise be it SG-U or anything they put out esp in this economy. We The Fans and consumers put your well fed butts in your nice homes making sure ya can go and have a 90 dollar dinner , etc. If you didnt have us fans buying dvds cds and otehr merchandise could you afford that vacation to The Hamptons, The Cruise on the Carribian, etc? Nope.

  • This show kept getting better and better. I can’t help but feel I’m saying good-bye to a very close friend before I really even had the time to really get to know them. I was very skeptical as a traditional Stargate fan, but I gave it an honest shot and was rewarded endlessly throughout season 2. This is what good sci-fi should be like, scientific, dramatic, reflective and full of allegory. Thanks for everything SGU! You will be missed!

  • My personal view was the series ended badly.
    Also, in the series I suspect the budget restraints were too great, many things they said when describing the series, never occurred.

    They failed to have many different aliens as originally promised.
    Very few different alien worlds, meaning worlds NOT like a place on earth.

    . Try counting the number of aliens they encountered.
    Dust Bugs, Nakai, Ursini, Drones
    Dust bugs? I did not really view them as an alien species. It was dust.
    Nakai, Ursini – I thought they were the same species, or related
    Drones- I do not consider them as an alien race. I thought of them as Frisbee’s with guns.

    I always felt the series missed some things that should be on the ship-
    1) food type replicators. I am sure the ancients would not have planned to stop at planets and gamble the food would be edible. If I was on a ship like that, that would be high on my priorities list to find out how the ancients dealt with food issues. .
    2) Should the ship have a AUTO REPAIR FUNCTION, other than a slow unseen robot.?
    3) Explore the ship in a space suit, even going to no atmosphere areas. Find solutions to problems ON THE SHIP.
    4) Are the lights on the ship only able to be set to DIM? Someday, the people should have been able to figure how a dimmer works, and brighten up the ship.
    5) Did the ancients in space have beds, showers, toilets, kitchens…?

    The final episodes had a Robot army of Drones chasing them – down to the finish? In the final episodes, NOW the drones are intelligent – figuring out ways to defeat Destiny? Why not have the final episode as a crossover to the Battlestar Galactica series. The Drones could be a weapon against the cylons. The cylons are high technology.

    Some of the shows history- I Seem to notice a big trend here.

    Eureka – Started in July 2006
    so far 53 episodes have aired – AROUND 10 episodes A YEAR!!! Viewers tend to lose interest on that.
    Warehouse 13 Started in 2009
    25 episodes in 2 years
    12.5 Episodes per year — ???

    Sanctuary Started in 2007
    43 episodes to date
    – around 10 episodes per year.
    Sanctuary seems like it is next to be canceled. The story line has died.
    Was Will Zimmerman an abnormal or even part abnormal? He also seemed to lost his “powers of observation”, now being more file clerk.
    They spend many episodes working up to Hollow Earth. They were there for a few episodes. Now it is long gone.
    Then the dating episodes. Is there any pattern, other than trying to drive the show off a cliff?

    I was a bit surprised at Stargate related series – each was about 20 episodes per year.
    Stargate Universe
    started in 2009
    Had 40 episodes
    = 20 episodes per year.
    Even though I DVR everything, I did not like the time slot change. On many shows I set the dvr to record a show only on a certain channel
    at a certain time, and only when new. Time slot changes mess that up.

    Stargate Atlantis was 20 episodes per year.
    Stagate SG1 was around 20 episodes per year also.

    For me this actually was the last reason for me to cancel cable tv.
    I will be using : External antenna, Netflix and Hulu, plus YouTube and various other online options.
    The main reason I got cable tv was for the SCIFI channel.
    NOT for wrestle mania or infomercials.
    My main shows was Stargate and variations, shows like Eureka, Warehouse 13, Sanctuary, Dr Who (who is no longer on the channel …
    SY FY has dwindled those shows to almost nothing,

    I payed about 87$ a month for cable tv with dvr to watch the SyFy channel.
    That is about 3$ a day!!!
    I could rent a dvd a day EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR from the local video store for less than that.!!

  • All I can say is that with a Disapointing start to SGU, which I think is the reason to why the viewing rating is lower, as a lot of people watched stargate then Atlantis, but SGU was to Alien to adapt too, I myself loved the first and Atlantis, but in the End prefer SGU as my favorite to date, with the story picking up in an ever increasing pace, :-)
    I just hope they bring a film or as already stated a third series even a book will do just to wrap it up.
    seriously what are the makers thinking? Why scrap something that is still being viewed?
    going to kick a few things now Grrrrr!!!
    is there not a poll or something we could subscribe too?

  • So now what??? NBC is short sided and looking at numbers. SciFi fans are not numbers they are fans who made the network profitable because the serve a nich that the other networks ignored. P.S LOOK AT THE MOVIES COMING OUT THIS SUMMER ALL THE BLOCKBUSTERS ARE SCIFI OR COMIC BOOKS!

  • Well at least it set it up for a re-start, somewhere down the road.

    So.. in realtime terms they have anywhere from 3-1000 years to revive the series.. as Rush would put it “Quite literally..”

    Every single character is up for grabs or recasting. Meanwhile back on Earth anything could be taking place.

    Suppose for example they gave SGA the reigns and returned it to production, whether that be on SyFy, a revamped SciFi or SyFry.. its doesn’t really matter.

    Continuity wise.. SGU has just been placed in deep freeze or Suspended animation.

    I rather liked the idea Eli becomes a prisoner in the Shuttle, perhaps he takes brief visits to check on the ships systems using an environment suit. And spends much more time with his Mother back on Earth via the stones.

    And here’s an odd twist.. suppose he’s in someboy elses body and fall in love with a person back on Earth.. only to have to break that off in three years? Talk about Young/Telford.. yikes.. and if a kid were to be involved? Who would be the actual father?

    Or to keep it simpler, more Eli like.. perhaps he watches after Matt’s kid, becomes a big brother.

    It would make an interesting “diversionary” episode of the new SGA.. “The one who watches..”

    As for SGA it could take the lead.. now situated on Earth in the Milky Way.. now how would the Aliiance take to that.. or rather perhaps they don’t know yet.. and when they find out, perhaps new Alliances could or would be formed, everyone suddenly wants to be your friend.

    Jonas Quinn’s character would certianly make a nice addition as Ambassador to Earth.. and such a revelation “might” spawn if not a dial-out from Langara.. but perhaps a more agreeable search for another planet.

    One thing I always wondered was if the Ancients had a shipyard or stellar machine yard for building all these wonderous devices like ZPMs things on a Solar System or larger basis where really big projects were carried out. Maybe many of them all over the Galaxy, but it would make sense they wouldn’t be gateable.. or easy to get too.. and mostly not human habitable friendly capable.

    .. just imagine the possibilities

  • Another thought..

    How about a slow burn series?

    Sanctuary started out as a low budgest web series broken into pieces. I know because I bought them like many people.

    But I thing that’s a bit too slow burn, people loose interest and the episodes tend to get distributed through other channels.. in my case I just lost interest over the dark abyss inbetween.

    Rather MGM maybe could explore releasing like a smaller 5 or 10 episode slow burn series.

    Basically mostly the good stuff without the filler.

    SGU is practically perfectly setup for something like that. More than most series you didn’t need crtical cast members all of the time.

    And any could be let go or replaced.

    At the moment David Blue would be the perfect canidate to guest star as say a visitor from Destiny to Earth to work out some long term logistics for supporting Destiny, or getting them home.

    Meanwhile SGA would be brought into the fold.. imagine Blue and Hewitt on Earth.. specifically in Atlantis working on the problem.

    Series eventually burn-out because of either creative exhaustion, actors/actreses coming going or salarie increases.. but a slow-burn series might keep the story line going while satisfying an eager fan base to “keep up with the story” and keep a franchise viable.. even test the waters for a direct to “name your format” formulae.

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