Destiny shuttle

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Short-range Ancient support craft, two of which were originally docked to the dorsal hull of the long-range exploratory vessel Destiny. The ship has life support for up to 17 personnel.

There are several individual terminals are dispersed throughout the ship for crew members. Additionally, there are seats for approximately 12 additional passengers and room for their supplies.

The more damaged of the two shuttles was left behind on a planet shortly after the team from Icarus Base arrived on the ship -- but was later miraculously restored to Destiny in perfect working order. The second was used for several missions before being lost after crash-landing on another world.


USED BY: Humans


Air, Part 2 - Upon searching the ship, the Destiny crew discover two shuttles, one of which is venting life support into space. Senator Alan Armstrong, already close to death, locks himself into the damaged shuttle to seal the hatch.
Darkness - When the Destiny's power goes down, the team uses the shuttle's systems to figure out where the ship is going: straight into a star.
Light - Matthew Scott and 16 other crew members use the only functional shuttle to escape Destiny before she collides with a star.
Space - Lt. Scott and Sgt. Greer engage in battle with hostile aliens using the shuttle, putting its shield and weapons to the test for the first time.
Divided - Scott and Young take the shuttle out to destroy a tracking device left on the hull by the aliens, and are nearly lost upon return when the docking clamps fail to engage.
Faith - Lt. Scott takes a group by shuttle to spend four weeks on a planet while Destiny travels around the system's star. Meanwhile, the ship's damaged shuttle is repaired enough for Colonel Young to deliver it to those staying behind on the planet's surface.
Aftermath - Lt. Scott pilots a shuttle mission to retrieve supplies from a planet inaccessible by Stargate, and crash-lands after a major power loss upon entering the atmosphere. The shuttle is damaged beyond repair and left behind when the planet's Stargate is uncovered.
Visitation - Former crew members left behind on the obelisk planet return to Destiny with a perfectly restored shuttle -- evidence of intervention by a vastly advanced alien species.