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good interview! I think he hit it on the head, one of the things missing in SGU was the wonder. Which given the story, struggling on a ship in space, it wasn’t always about the wonder, but about them getting through life. Again, beaten to death, but maybe that’s part of what it was.


p.s. I was at the inner space thing! I was the guy from Ohio! haha, they acted like it was such a long drive. But I live 3 hours from my family and I drive that a lot, so 5 hours to Toronto was nothing. Plus I’d never been, and the whole experience was amazing! I have his autograph!


I liked red planet, I think Syfy would be stupid if they didn’t pick the series up. But it is the Syfy channel we’re talking about.
I watched every SGU episode from day 1, and I miss the show, and I agree with what BJS was saying. Too many “stargate” fans didn’t watch SGU and jumped ship when the show got cancelled. Anyway good luck.
p.s I hope Syfy pick red faction up fingers crossed.


Great interview! :) I too was at the SGU Innerspace special in fact I think I was right behind you in the line for the autographs as I remember people commenting on it. I would however disagree in regard to the wonder in SGU, to me SGU was more about the wonder then either of the previous shows as it was the core of the show, What is the Destiny, what is it’s purpose, why did the Ancients build it, Why didn’t they ever go to it? All of these to me at least are all about wonder.


Never was a fan of SGU but good luck to Brian in his future.


Sadly, I think Red Faction is dead. After the game was released to a ho-hum reception and if I remember right, that TV-movie didn’t get all that great of ratings. THQ pretty much killed it as a franchise. Which is pretty sad as a fan of RF:Gurella and the older games. Armageddon was a big misstep.


You’re right in saying the last re faction game was a little bit lame.