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Stargate Command App Now on Android

Sunday - January 13, 2013
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Android users, rejoice! Arkalis Interactive has heard your cries.

The new Stargate mobile app Stargate Command is now available on the Android platform, after launching exclusively on iOS earlier this year.

The base app allows users to explore the halls of Stargate Command, look at art, and knock golf balls through the Stargate (a la “Window of Opportunity”). But more importantly, it’s a baseline for future content expansions — which is keeping the Andorra-based studio busy.

The first big add-on is the hands-on combat game “Teal’c’s Revenge” (review), which is available now as an in-app purchase for $1.99. (Watch the trailer below.)

Download Stargate Command for free for your Android device now from Google Play. The app will also be available on the Amazon Appstore in the next week or two.

UPDATE: If you’ve had trouble installing the app on your Android device, give it another try. Based on your feedback in the comments thread the publisher has updated the app to make sure it is fully compatible with more devices.

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  • Awesome… with the project complete, now he can turn his attention to Windows Phone! :)

  • Darren, I can’t find Stargate Command or Arkalis-Interactive from either my Galaxy S or my ASUS TF101 when I search for them. The link here takes me to the app store page but tells me “Your device isn’t compatable with this version”. What kind of device do I need???

  • Darren

    Sorry, all — we don’t have any details on specific device compatibility or incompatibility. Please do post your device here if you get it working, or if you can’t get it working.

    I’ll try it out on my Kindle Fire HD when it turns up in the Amazon store …

  • Says not compatible with my Galaxy SII(T-mobile USA version) and my ASUS TF-201.

    Has anyone actually gotten it to work? I think I have a hack that will make it download on any device that’s been rooted… I just need to know a phone model that it definitely works on.

  • Got my hacked Play Store to work, tried to download it, says it couldn’t be found. I’m gonna assume that they took it down for a tweak or something given that I have never run into that error on anything else.

  • Not compatible with Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7. Some people shouldn’t bother developing for Android if they have no clue on device compatibility.

    This game is showing 5-10 installs and has only one review. What does that tell you?

  • It wasn’t compatible with my tablet (Galaxy Tab 2) :( But I dropped them an email asking nicely for them to see if they could do it.

  • I have a Galaxy S2 T989 (T-Mobile) with AOKP 10.1.2. It isn’t compatible. Either Google Play is not detecting the phone correctly or this app requires major horse power.

  • You need a Snapdragon S4 or equivalent processor. Which mean a GS3 or equivalent phone or tablet. The program uses A LOT of graphics power.

  • @Jim Hutto
    Too bad that even phones with Snapdragon S4 aren’t compatibile. For example the HTC One S.
    There is one review with the HTC One X and even though the Nexus 7 has the same processor it’s not compatibile…

    It’s clearly their fault

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and this app won’t play on mine either. I’ve been waiting quite a while for them to finally get the app on android and then it only works on a couple phone models? That is ridiculous.

  • It makes sense that it only supports the S4 and forward. That means any device that came out before 2012 is not supported.

    What doesn’t make sense is it not supporting the Tegra 3 (which is why those of you with tablets are having a problem not seeing it). The T3 performs better than last year’s S4, so the only reason I can think of is that the developer is lazy and/or released this app before it should have been.

  • My LG Spectrum 2 has the Snapdragon S4. I still get the incompatible device.

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