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Luis D Rey
Luis D Rey
10 days ago

There won’t be ever a better Sci-Fi series as the great Star Gate -SG1 and their 4 great superstars:Richard Dean Anderson (O’Neill), Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter), Cristopher Judge (Tealc?) and Shanks (the expert of “Tierra Incognita”)

6 days ago

I was very happy to see this happened last weekend. My son (10 yrs old) and I dealt with the HULU crap for the duration of my Free Week Trial. Then we switched over to watching them on DailyMotion website. Using an Xbox web browser is painful… So glad to be back to the quality image on Prime! Just finishing S8 and about to finish S1 of Atlantis (Bluray) this weekend (following the recommend viewing order from Gateworld!). I think the Ori story is going to blow my son’s mind! I was a huge fan of Ben Browder coming onboard!… Read more »

5 days ago
Reply to  Brent

Hey, Brent: There are a couple of good Complete Series releases for SG-1 on DVD. The one I have is the big gold box with a plastic Stargate on the front. This year VEI has released a new, cheaper edition (I’m trying to squeeze some intel from them to report here on GateWorld about what is on those discs).

But no, SG-1 has never seen a Blu-ray release. The show switched to digital HD cameras for Season 8, so for Seasons 1-7 currently the best quality episodes in terms of visual fidelity are probably those upscaled episodes on Amazon Prime.