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3 years ago

Honestly, I really hope they don’t go with Netflix (if they have any choice in the matter). They are notorious for cancelling shows after 3 seasons, and they also only order a minimal amount of episodes.

Personally, I’d like a 16-20 episode SG show with the longevity of SG-1. Probably won’t happen, but one can dream.

That said super pumped SG1 is on Netflix! This is amazing news for Canadians, since there is no way to watch the show without buying the DVD box set or on CTV’s SPACE network.

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3 years ago

I’m also not overly keen on Netflix. The Lost in Space revival for example will end at 3 seasons – a shame as it’s one of the few really well done reboots that retains a nice family friendly approach.

The streamers are more and more looking like wolves in sheep’s clothing we get a little taste but nothing like the types of long lived productions of years past. Oh well, times change i suppose.

3 years ago

Could Gateworld petition Netflix USA to bring SG-1 to Netflix UK&Ireland? We want it too!

Edmond Dantes
3 years ago

I know, I know, Netflix tends to cancel stuff after two or three seasons. But Stargate Universe was supposed to be a five season show. And got cancelled after only two. This means that the Netflix model would be perfect to complete that show. Alternatively, Origins only has one season, so this could be a nice way to buff that show up a bit.