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A mysterious affliction wipes out the entire population of a planet, plus an SG team – except for one young girl. Carter befriends her, but learns that she is being used by the Goa'uld.

DVD DISC: Season 1, Disc 4
WRITTEN BY: Robert C. Cooper
DIRECTED BY: Mario Azzopardi
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Transcript by Lauren Freeman
Edited by Deanna Moll-Landry
SG1 Transcripts

We open with the gate opening in the S.G.C. We see SG-1 starting with Daniel, then Sam, Teal'c and Jack, all in gear.

JACKSON: So, what exactly are we going to see after this eclipse begins? I mean it is black. And it is a hole.

O'NEILL: Well, it might be a black hole.

JACKSON: Okay, let me put that a different way.

CARTER: No Daniel, your right, you can't actually see it, not the singularity it's self it's so massive not even light can escape it. But during the totality phase of the eclipse, we should be able to see matter spiraling towards it.

O'NEILL: Actually it's called the Accretion Disc.

Sam and Teal'c stop to look at Jack. Danny goes on, not hearing what Jack said.

JACKSON: Well I guess it's easy to understand why the local population would be afraid of something like th ... (Realizing what Jack said) what did you just say?!?

Danny turns to Jack.

O'NEILL: It's just an astronomical term.

CARTER: You didn't think the Colonel has a telescope on his roof just to look at his neighbors, did you?

Jack looks at Carter as if saying, 'well ... ' Sam smiles and goes to through the gate. Danny looks confused and follows.

O'NEILL: Not initially.

Jack then Teal'c follows.

We come out on the planet Hanka. We see a BIG blue sign in front to of the gate that say's:


Project 169 SG7 Planet P8X 987

We see the reflection of the open gate on the sign, and then we see and hear it shut off. We turn to see SG-1 walking off the steps of the Stargate. They start to walk down a long dirt road, surrounded by farmland.

TEAL'C: Someone from SG-7 should have been here to greet us.

O'NEILL: They should be prepping the telescope for the big show. (As SG- 1 are walking down the road we see an empty basket laying at the edge of it, then a man laying beside it. SG-1 turns the bend in the road and sees this. They run to the man. The man is on his side, and Jack grabs his arm and rolls him over. The man is a bit of a gross sight to see. Open sores can be seen everywhere. Jack jumps back at seeing this.) Oh god! Alright MOPP Four. (Danny reaches in to Sam's backpack, and takes out her mask. Everyone minus Teal'c puts on a mask. Jack quickly starts to wash his hands. )All right, Daniel, you and Teal'c check the village. See why no one's missed this guy, where everyone is. We've got the observatory. All right, move out.


Jack and Sam walk into a dark metal room. Jack has a flashlight on. As they search the room we see a very large telescope, and a bunch of computer type stuff.

CARTER: Where is everyone?

They walk into a hall and then open a door. We see SG-7 lying dead in their beds.

O'NEILL: Found them.

CARTER: My god.

We here Daniel walking and screaming in the background.

JACKSON: (Feet are heard running) Jack! Jack! (Feet stop. We see him come up behind Jack, along with Teal'c.) There all dead, everyone.


We open once again with SG-1 coming out of the Stargate onto Planet Hanka. They are in full yellow biohazard gear. The scene changes and we are suddenly in the complex with the telescope. SG-1 is getting hosed off in the large plastic box. The doors open to let SG-1 into the complex.

FRAISER: This complex has been totally decontaminated. How many dead?

CARTER: We estimate a thousand.

FRAISER: Why didn't they send a message, some warning this was happening?

O'NEILL: We don't know.

JACKSON: Looks like all this happened very quickly.

CARTER: Now there could still be survivors out there, shouldn't we be looking for them?

FRAISER: No, not until I examine you, will use the barracks room. Colonel, you said you touched one of the victims before putting on gloves?

O'NEILL: Yeah, but I washed my hands right away.

FRAISER: No, your first.

Jack walks with Janet towards the barracks room. Daniel sneezes. Everyone stops and looks at him. A little bit of fear in there eyes.

O'NEILL: Allergies right? (He turns to Janet.) Right?

FRAISER: R-right.

They go to the barrack room. Sam cautiously walks by Daniel Teal'c does the same. Danny looks like he is about to say, 'What?'


SG-1 wearing the biohazard gear, minus Teal'c, are walking down the road.

CARTER: Where supposed to tag the bodies with these.( Everyone takes some tags from Sam.)

JACKSON: They knew this would happen.

CARTER: The indigenous people?

JACKSON: They told me when we came here three months ago, that with darkness would come the apocalypse. It was part of there mythology, and what did we tell them? 'It's just an eclipse, and there's nothing to worry about.'

We see several bodies lying on the ground; everyone goes to tag a body. Sam tags what looks to be a women, and we see a small hand come out of the tall grass and take the tag. Sam sees the movement and goes to investigate.

CARTER: Hello? It's okay, you can come out. (Jack, Danny and Teal'c notice Sam talking to the bushes and go to investigate.) I know I must look pretty scary in this mask but I'm not going to hurt you. It's okay. Colonel, there's someone in the bushes and they won't come out. (Jack turns to Teal'c.)

O'NEILL: Show'em your face. Try to look friendly. (Teal'c walks around a tree, and into the tall grass. We see a small girls face.)

TEAL'C: We will not hurt you, please come out. (Teal'c reaches out his hand.) Take my hand. (The girl places her small hand in Teal'c. Teal'c has a large smile on his face.) It is okay. (They walk out together.)


The girl is sitting on a gurney, while Sam and Janet in full gown; gloves and facemask are checking her out. The girl does not look happy.

CARTER: It's okay. Don't worry everything is going to be fine. 9The girl makes no response.) Can you hear me? (Still no response.) Very brave. (Sam turns to Janet.) Can I take this mask off? (Janet nods. )

FRAISER: I think it will be okay. It looks like were dealing with a bacteria infection, just don't get two close. (They both take their masks off. Janet goes to her computer. Sam stays with the girl.)

CARTER: There, that's better, huh? You feel like telling me your name now? (The girl looks away.) That's okay, you remember my name? (No response.) Samantha Carter, but you can call me Sam.

The girl takes the tag she found on the dead body in sticks it to her hospital gown.

The tag reads:

P8X-987 DOA-100-847-893

CARTER: (A look of shock crosses Sam's face.) Oh, no, no, no, honey.( Sam takes the tag off the girl grabs it back.) You're not going to die. Why don't you just lay down and rest for awhile, okay? (The girl lies down holding on to the tag. Sam tries to take the tag away from her, but the girl won't let go. Sam gives up.) Okay. (Janet turns around with a file in hand.)

FRAISER: This can't be. (Sam leaves the girl and walks over to Janet. )

CARTER: She's infected isn't she?

FRAISER: No, she's not.

CARTER: Well, what's wrong then?

FRAISER: There a traces of the element the Stargate is made of in her blood.

CARTER: Naquadah?

FRAISER: Yeah. Now it's possible that's the reason she was able to resist the infection. (A man comes in with a file.) Thank you, will you take a look? (She gives Sam the file she was looking at so she can read the new file.)


Janet and Sam are walking down the hall, Sam is taking off her gown. They walk into the telescope room where Jack and Danny are sitting.

FRAISER: Well I have some bad news. The samples show the entire area to be contaminated. It's in the water and the ground. Now the bacteria doesn't seem to be airborne, but it has a unique ability to survive in a verity of enlivenments.

JACKSON: Listen, umm, I hate to sound self-centered here but ...

FRAISER: Your test's are fine.

TEAL'C: What of the girl?

FRAISER: No sign of the infection and as a procession I did an ultrasound to make sure she wasn't parasitly infested with a Goa'uld.

O'NEILL: So she goes back with us? (Janet nods.)

CARTER: Doctor, would it be safe for someone to stay a little while longer? I mean were safe right now aren't we?

O'NEILL: Captain?

CARTER: Sir, the eclipse happens in less then one day. This is our only opportunity to use this window of darkness, to photograph this black whole with this telescope. It could change the course of human history. I don't want to belittle what's happened here, but if we just pack up and leave, SG-7 and all these people will have died for nothing. (The girl comes out and grabs a hold of Sam. Hiding half way behind her. )

O'NEILL: Well you won't be staying.

TEAL'C: I will remain, I am not at risk.

O'NEILL: Yeah, I'll stay too.


We see a large group of people; all in biohazard suet's are going to the gate. In back we see Sam the girl and Danny, each has a hold of the girl's hand. As they get closer to the gate, the girl stops.

CARTER: Hey, you okay? Don't be afraid, I'll be holding your hand the whole way, all right? I know it looks kind of scary, but it's really a lot of fun. (They walk up to the gate.) On three, one, two, three!

They jump in. We come out in the S.G.C. gate room. Where the decontamination spray is blowing as they step out. The gate closes and the spray turns off. They all start to take off the gear. Sam helps the girl with hers.

SOLDIER: Level one decontamination complete, proceed with level two.

Two men step out of another large plastic box.

CARTER: Hey, it's okay, it's okay. That wasn't so bad was it?


Sam opens a door to a bedroom with the girl in the clothes they found her in.

CARTER: Well, here we are. (The room is very bare. Grayish-brown walls, a twin bed with gray covers. A gray empty shelf with a light, one gray chair, and a gray closet.) This is where you're going to stay for a little while, okay? I know it's nothing fancy but ... will fix it up. (Cassy sits on the bed.) Now I have to go somewhere for a little while, but I promise, I won't be gone for long, okay? (Sam tries to stand up but the girl grabs her shirt and pulls her back down.) No- I have to go, but I will be able to see you the whole time through that camera right there, see? (She points at the camera. The girl looks like she doesn't quite understand.) Alright, I'll stay for a little while.( Sam sits on the bed with the girl.)


We see General Hammond, Janet and Daniel watching Sam and the girl on TV via the camera.

HAMMOND: She seems to have bonded with Captain Carter.

JACKSON: I can't blame her for being terrified, believe me it was not pretty over there.

HAMMOND: What happened?

FRAISER: We counted 1,432 dead. I believe we may be indirectly responsible.


FRAISER: It's possible someone from Earth brought a normally harmless bacteria to that planet, it learned some new traits from a local organism, and mutated into the most deadly infectious strain I've ever encountered.

HAMMOND: Are you absolutely positive you haven't brought any of this disease back here with you?

FRAISER: Yes sir, in fact I think we may have brought back the cure.

HAMMOND: Doctor?

FRAISER: Sir, somehow this little girl survived against all odds on a completely contaminated planet. Now I'm hoping she has some sort of natural immunity, that we might use in fighting other serious infections already here on Earth.

HAMMOND: Why didn't the telescope team report that this outbreak was going on?

JACKSON: We don't know.

We look back into the TV, and see Sam putting on a puppet. The room is much nicer now. There are pink bed covers on the bed, stuffed animals, a table and chairs, with flowers, papers and crayons. The walls have pictures on them. We go into the TV and are suddenly in the bedroom.

CARTER: Hey, don't you want this? (Sam holds out a hotdog bun. The girl is eating the hotdog without the bun. There is ketchup and mustered on the table.) See, uh, we usually put some stuff on it, like this. (She takes a complete hotdog and puts mustered on it.) See. (Sam takes a big bite of the hotdog.) Mmm ... (The girl continues to eat her weenie, and paint her picture. It's a very sad picture. A little girl standing all alone with a bunch of dead people in front of her. A tear is running down her face, there are five suns in the sky. Sam takes a look at this picture then takes a paintbrush and draws a picture of another person standing beside the little girl.) That's me okay? Your not alone anymore. (The girl slowly smiles. )


Jack is sitting on some steps that goes up to the telescope. Teal'c is sitting at the computers. They both look very board.

O'NEILL: This is fun. Only eight hours to go. Sweet.

TEAL'C: I still do not understand this black hole.

O'NEILL: Well a black hole is this really ... big thing. It um ... well basically it's uh ... massive ... hole, out there.

TEAL'C: I see.

O'NEILL: What happens is, everything gets sucked into it, even light, that's why we can't see it. Just gets ... sucked in.

TEAL'C: Thank you.

O'NEILL: Sure.


We are looking at the picture; it has been placed on the wall with the other. Sam is sitting in bed with the girl lying in her arms asleep. The door opens and Danny walks in. He makes a signal saying she has a phone call. Sam carefully lays the girl on her pillow she wakes up.

CARTER: Hey, how are you feeling? Listen, I have to go somewhere for a little while. (The girl shakes her head.) But your not going to be alone, Daniel's going to be here the whole time. Remember Daniel? Your very brave, remember? I'll be back before you know it. (Sam starts to get up, but the girl grabs her arm. )

GIRL: Please don't go.

CARTER: You feel like telling me your name?

GIRL: Cassandra.

CARTER: Hi, Cassandra.


CARTER: Where?

Cassy point at her chest.


Cassy is sitting on a bed. Sam and Janet are beside her. Janet listens to her chest with her stethoscope.

FRAISER: Sounds good, no fluid in her lungs.

CARTER: She described it as more of a sharp stabbing pain.

Sam and Janet walk away.

FRAISER: I have no idea what to say or do. her latest blood work shows a marked potassium efficiency, I have no idea of what is causing it, or how it could have gotten so low, so quickly, but the effect can be arrhythmia.

CARTER: Now your sure she doesn't have the disease.

FRAISER: Mm'hum, positive. These are not the symptoms of a bacterial infection.

CARTER: Okay thank you.


Sam goes back to Cassy.

CARTER: Alright, let's go back to our room.

CASSANDRA: Thank you.

FRAISER: You are welcome.

They start to walk out when Cassy moans and bends over.

CARTER: What, what is it?

She suddenly passes out.

FRAISER: Get her on the table!

CARTER: Oh my god! (Sam puts her on the table.) What is it?

FRAISER: She's got an irregular heartbeat. She's in arrest! (Janet sounds alarm and yells into a phone.) Code blue in lab! Code blue!

CARTER: What?!? What do I do?

Janet starts CPR. A med team runs in.

FRAISER: I got a cardiac arrest, potassium efficiency. Get me a number seven cuff and a tracheal tube, now!

Soon Cassy is on monitor, and has a tube down her throat.

NURSE: Tubs ready! Tubes in!

NURSE 2: Defib Stop CPR, Defib, 60 joules.

FRAISER: Come on, come on!

NURSE: Check the monitor.

NURSE 2: Clear!

The nurse puts the paddles on Cassy and shocks her. Her body jumps up. A normal beeping comes from the monitor.

NURSE: Let me in, let me in.

NURSE 3: Check the monitor, check the monitor.

FRAISER: I want you to notify the ICU, I want her potassium levels rechecked, stat! (Janet takes her stethoscope to listen for her self, another nurse starts to put something in Cassy's IV.) Wait, wait, wait, wait! Oh my god!

CARTER: What is it?

FRAISER: Give me a chest x-ray stat! (She gives Sam her stethoscope.) I don't know listen. (Sam puts on the stethoscope to listen for her self. We here what sounds like a machine running inside her.)

CARTER: Oh my god!


We see a picture of the inside of Cassy's chest placed on a light board. There is a metal spider thing attached to her heart. (Heart?) Janet, Sam, Daniel and General Hammond are al staring at it.

HAMMOND: What is it?

FRAISER: I don't know, but it wasn't there ten hours ago.

Sam turns around to look at Cassy, who no longer has the tube down her throat.


We see Cassy, with a tube down her throat once again, laying on an OR table with a hair net on. A blanket is lifted up and places on two poles. Dr. Warner and Janet are doing an operation on her. General Hammond, Sam and Daniel are in the observation room watching.

Dr.W: I'm inserting the scope. Image up.

FRAISER: Pulse normal.

Dr.W: I'm advancing the scope.

We watch through a monitor as the scope goes through Cassy's body.

FRAISER: Pulse is rising.

Dr.W: Adjusting view.

We see a large ball cling to body parts.

FRAISER: Well parts of it are defiantly organic.

Dr.W: I'm going to move in closer, and try and get a biopsy.

FRAISER: Pulse is now 140!

Dr.W: I'm scraping the harder surface for samples.

FRAISER: We have to stop!

Dr.W: Just a little more. (Cassy flat lines again.) Removing scope. Prepare the paddles! (GH, Sam and Danny all stand up.) Charging, clear!

FRAISER: Wait! Wait! Pulse is normal.

The doctor takes the paddles away.


Janet and GH are walking together.

FRAISER: Whatever this object is, it has the ability to stop the heart instantly.

HAMMOND: Can you remove it?

FRAISER: Doesn't look like it, not without killing her. Now Dr. Warner managed to get us some samples, I'm hoping the results of the analysis will tell us more about what this object is.

HAMMOND: Thank you doctor.


Cassy is lying in bed sweat running down her face, she appears to be having a bad dream. Suddenly she wakes up.


CARTER: Hey. You okay?

CASSANDRA: I was dreaming about my mom.

CARTER: You miss your mom very much?

She nods.

CASSANDRA: I'm tired.

CARTER: Well then, you should get some rest. Don't worry; everything is going to be just fine. And when you get better, I promise you I am going to show you all kinds of really wonderful things about this planet.


CARTER: You bet. (Cassy hold out her hands asking for a hug. Sam slowly moves into the child's arms, and hugs her. When Sam walks out of Cassy's room she finds Danny sitting in a chair outside the door reading.)

JACKSON: How is she?

CARTER: She's fine, sleeping.

JACKSON: If you want I can sit with her tomorrow, for a few hours.

CARTER: No, we're okay.


CARTER: I just ... I want to do this.

JACKSON: Okay, but I guess what I'm saying is, you don't have to do this alone.

CARTER: Thanks. Sam walks off.


We see the roof start to open up for the telescope.

O'NEILL: It's show time.

TEAL'C: The systems are on line. (Jack looks into the telescope and starts recording data. Teal'c watches through the computer screen. We watch the moon go over the sun.) The eclipse has reached it's totality.



CARTER: The layer of fatty tissue between the two objects is decaying. Very slowly mind you, but still.

JACKSON: What's the significance?

CARTER: I'm about to do an experiment to find out. One side of the object is made up of iron and potassium. The other is made up of the element that makes up the Stargate.


FRAISER: Mm-hum, I'm assuming it's the naquada that was in her blood, some how the object is collecting it.

CARTER: Now potassium can be one of the most volatile alkali metals on earth. Combined with even a small concentration of naquada and ...

She shakes her head.

JACKSON: Well that doesn't sound very good.

CARTER: The room your looking at is in the sub-basement floor of this complex. (Well look into the computer screen and see a table with two robot arms going towards each other.) It's led sealed. Let's see what happens when we put the two objects together.

JACKSON: Where are the samples?

CARTER: I'm only using a microscopic particle of each. (The two arms go together and a bright flash of light, a boom and the camera is dead. We can only see snow as a picture.)

FRAISER: The readings off the scale, Gamma and particle radiation.

JACKSON: Are we safe?

CARTER: Yeah. But we have a big problem.

JACKSON: Well if two microscopic particle could cause that ...

CARTER: Then the object inside Cassandra could cause a nuclear reaction a million times bigger.


Jack is still looking thought the telescope. He suddenly looks up a weird look on his face. Teal'c does the same from the computer. We see what looks like a blinking star to the right bottom corner of the screen. It's moving closer.

O'NEILL: What is that?

TEAL'C: A star perhaps.

O'NEILL: Hit the zoom. (We zoom in we don't see anything.) Nah, it's way to close to be a star, pull back. (It's a ship.) What the hell is that?

TEAL'C: It is a Goa'uld attack vessel.


JACKSON: It's a set up, it has to be. The goa'uld wiped out every last living person on that plant except Cassandra. And then they made us think that it was our fault, because they knew we wouldn't leave her there, they knew we would bring her back here. And they used there technology to put that thing inside of her.

CARTER: It's like they designed a way for us to help them create the device, after she came through the Stargate, so we wouldn't detect it until it was to late.

FRAISER: We gave her iron supplements, We may have even turned the device on with a jolt of electricity when we resuscitated her.

HAMMOND: Your saying it's might to destroy us.

CARTER: Or at least this complex, the threat to the Goa'uld, the Stargate.

JACKSON: They used that little girl like a Trojan horse.

HAMMOND: How long do we have?

FRAISER: One hour and 52 minutes.

HAMMOND: You can predict it that actually?

FRAISER: The cellular decay of the sample Dr. Warner sampled appears to be happening like clock work.


Cassy is lying in bed asleep. Sam is standing at the foot of her bed. Danny walks in.

CARTER: How could they do this?

JACKSON: Well to a Goa'uld, she's not as we see her. She's a tool. Her death is a very cheap way to get rid of us. (Sam has tears running down her face. )

CARTER: I know I am supposed to be detached ...

JACKSON: Who said that?

CARTER: Sometimes I forget you're not military.


We see the ship getting closer.

TEAL'C: It is the ship of the Goa'uld Nirrti. An enemy of Apophis. (It looks like lights are coming on, on the ship as a death glider is released from the ship.)

O'NEILL: Now what the hell is that?

TEAL'C: We must go.


GH puts down his red phone. Sam is standing in front of his desk; Danny is leaning against the doorframe.

CARTER: Look sir, I know this decision isn't easy for you.

HAMMOND: In fact the decision is quite easy. The consequence is what's difficult.

CARTER: There has to be another way.

HAMMOND: I have been assured there is absolutely no way to remove the object from the girl without killing her. Therefore we have no choice. According to Dr. Fraiser, measurements of the devices atomic decay, we have one hour and 20 minutes left. The girl should be prepared to go back though the Stargate.

CARTER: I'll take her, sir.

HAMMOND: Along with SG-4, I want O'Neill and Teal'c to return with you.


Jack in Biohazard gear and Teal'c are running for their lives. Death gliders are coming after them at full speed. Shooting large fireballs at them. Barely missing them as the run. They end up taking cover in a ditch behind trees and bushes.

TEAL'C: We must get to the Stargate!

O'NEILL: No argument from me!

TEAL'C: This Goa'uld Nirrti, he once sent an emissary of peace, to negotiate a treaty concerning a Stargate, Apophis had taken control of. The negotiations was a ploy, the Stargate was destroyed.


TEAL'C: As soon as he entered the Stargate, there was a massive explosion.

O'NEILL: The girl! (Teal'c nods.)


Sam, Cassy and SG-4 are standing outside the gate waiting for it to be dialed out. They are all in biohazard gear. Cassy looks very sleepy.


Jack and Teal'c are once again running for their lives. Two ships are after them; they are almost through the gate. One misses them and has to get through the gate, or crash.


DAVIS: Chevron three encoded! Cassy looks up at Sam, and then passes out. Sam quickly picks her up. Chevron four encoded. Sam rips off her hat.

CARTER: Cassandra? (Janet sees this from upstairs and runs down. )


Jack and Teal'c are at the gate, Jack falls and Teal'c dials home. Jack gets up and joins Teal'c at the DHD.

O'NEILL: Take your time, no hurry.


DAVIS: Chevron five encoded.

Janet runs into the room

CARTER: What is it?

FRAISER: She's slipped into a coma.


DAVIS: Chevron six it ... what the hell? (The iris suddenly opens.)

HAMMOND: Shut the iris.

DAVIS: No need sir, we're getting an SG-1 remote signal.


Jack and Teal'c run through the gate. And come out in the S.G.C., dust and dabre behind them. The gate shuts down behind them. Sam and Janet cover Cassy.

O'NEILL: Get the girl away from the gate.


Everyone is coming up the stairs to the briefing room.

O'NEILL: So the Goa'uld's kept SG-7 from coming back through to warn us. All part of the plan.

JACKSON: So what are we going to do now?

HAMMOND: Teal'c, Dr. Frasier says this device inside the girl is on some kind of timer. Your sure it will go off if we send the girl through the Stargate?

TEAL'C: We should not attempt it. The Earth gate is what the Goa'uld wish to destroy.

CARTER: Cassandra's conditioned deteriated when she got near the Stargate.

HAMMOND: Well I can't risk the security of this mountain. Well have the take her someplace else.

O'NEILL: What about the abandoned nuclear facility at ...

HAMMOND: (Cutting Jack off) Right. It's just 20 minutes away.( GH walks into his office and picks up his red phone.) This is Major General Hammond, get me the secretary of defense immediately. Tell him it's a matter of life and death.


SG-1 and Cassandra are on their way to the nuclear facility. Cassy is still in a coma in Sam's arms. They finally arrive at the facility. There is a sign over the door to the entrance it reads:


SG-1 runs into the building. After a long walk and at least one elevator, they arrive at another elevator. The elevator read: 01.

O'NEILL: I can take her from here now Captain.

CARTER: No, sir, it's okay.

The elevator opens. Jack nods.

O'NEILL: This elevator goes down 30 floors through solid rock. It takes about 3 minutes to get to the bottom. That gives you four minutes to start back up.

Sam nods and walks into the elevator. Jack nods at the soldier controlling the elevator and a buzzer sounds. The elevator closes. Sam looks as if she is desperately trying hard not to cry, Cassy wakes up.

CASSANDRA: Where are we going?

Sam looks frightened.

CARTER: Please, go back to sleep.

CASSANDRA: I'm not tired anymore. (Sam puts her down so that she is standing. Sam stops fighting it and starts to cry.) Are you crying?

Sam shakes her head. The elevator stops at level 28. Sam turns on a flashlight and walks into the dark empty room. She then goes to another door this one VERY large and opens it. She turns on the light, and they walk in. Sam has Cassy sit on a broken wall.

CARTER: Sit down here and rest for awhile, okay? I have to go.

CASSANDRA: You promised you'd never leave me alone.

CARTER: (Fighting back tears) I'll come back, okay? I'll be back. (Cassy nods.) Your very brave, remember? (Cassy nods again.)

CASSANDRA: I'm very brave.

CARTER: I have to close the door.

Cassy nods. With that Sam gets up and leaves the room. Sam is still crying, they take one last look at each other, and Sam shuts the heavy door, and spins the wheel to lock it.

CASSANDRA: (Heard faintly thru the thick door) Sam? Sam?!

Sam is sobbing now. She steps into the elevator and makes it go up. She starts slamming her fists against the walls and kicking it. She finally sits down in a corner, still sobbing. Suddenly it looks like she has realized something and she stands back up and hits the stop bottom on the elevator.


We see the elevator lights stop at 26 then goes to back down.

JACKSON: Jack, she's going back down.

O'NEILL: The hell she is. (Jack goes over to the speaker.) Captain Carter? (Sam doesn't answer.) Captain Carter.


Sam walks in. We here Jack's voice thought the speaker in the room.

O'NEILL: Sam, do you read me?

Sam walks over to the speaker.

CARTER: Colonel, I'm staying.


O'NEILL: Negative.

CARTER: Colonel, she's awake.

JACKSON: Oh god!


Sam shuts the heavy door, and locks it.

O'NEILL: Captain, Carter. I am ordering you to get back up here, right now. (Sam finishes locking it and ignores the speaker. ) Right now! (Sam goes to Cassy and they hug. )

CASSANDRA: Are we going to die?

CARTER: No, we are not going to die.


Jack looks down at his watch. It counts down to 59 seconds.

O'NEILL: (To Teal'C and Danny) Alright, why don't you guys clear out. (Teal'c and Danny look at each other, and then look at Jack, neither moves to leave. Jack nods his head in understanding.) Right ...


CASSANDRA: We are both very brave.


CASSANDRA: I love you.

CARTER: I love you too.

They hug tighter.


Jack's watch reads 20 seconds and counting,

O'NEILL: Alright, here we go.

9, 8, 7 ... 1. Jacks watch beeps. Nothing happens. Teal'c, Danny and Jack look around waiting for the boom.

JACKSON: I don't feel anything.

O'NEILL: We could have been wrong about the time.

JACKSON: We could have been wrong about what would happen.

Jack goes to the speaker.

O'NEILL: Captain Carter, can you hear me? (No answer.) Sam, can you here me?'

CARTER: Were okay, nothing happened. Cassandra's fine, I'm fine, it didn't happen. I just ... I couldn't leave her, sir.

O'NEILL: How did you know, Captain.

CARTER: It occurred to me that she first slipped into the coma when we brought her close to the Stargate. As soon as we got her far enough away from the Stargate, she woke up, and I knew.

O'NEILL: You knew?

Sam doesn't answer. Danny looks so received, he then playfully hits Teal'c, Teal'c looks at him like he has lost his mind.


Sam and Cassy run and have a big hug.


Danny, Cassy, Sam and Teal'c are all walking through the park. Sam and Danny each have one of Cassy's hands and they are swinging her as they walk.

JACKSON: Your getting a little heavy for this.

Sam and Cassy laugh. Everyone minus Teal'c has a large smile on there face. Teal'c has the goofy looking cowboy hat on. Jack walks up with a dog.

O'NEILL: Cassandra.

CARTER: Hey, there he is.

Cassy runs to Jack. Sam and Danny sits on a bench, Teal'c stands behind it.

CASSANDRA: (To Jack and the dog.) What's that?

O'NEILL: We have a rule here on Earth. Every kid has got to have a dog. This is a dog, and he's yours.

Jack puts the dog in Cassy's arms. Cassy hugs the large puppy. Then kisses it. We move back the Danny and Sam.

JACKSON: So, how sure were you, really?

CARTER: I can't explain it Daniel, I just new.

TEAL'C: A mothers instinct, perhaps?

Sam smiles.

CARTER: Subtle, but no. Dr. Fraiser is going to take her until we find qualified parents.

JACKSON: By qualified you mean ones with the right security clearance.

CARTER: Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if Dr. Fraiser wants to keep her for herself. As long as Cassandra's happy.

TEAL'C: She appears to be.

CARTER: I wasn't completely relived until I knew that the object was shrinking and being reabsorbed by her system. (Jack, Cassy and the dog walk up.) Hey!

CASSANDRA: Hey Samantha. See my new dog?

CARTER: Wow. Your new dog?

CASSANDRA: It's a Earth rule, every kid has to have one. But I don't mind.

Sam looks up at Jack who has a massive smile on his face. Sam smiles back and laughs.

O'NEILL: Why don't I take the dog for a little walk. (Jack picks up the dog. )Come here. Teal'c, know anything about dogs? (Jack walks away still caring the dog.)

TEAL'C: Nothing.

Teal'c and Danny follow Jack, leaving Sam and Cassy alone. Cassy sits in Sam's lap.

CASSANDRA: When you find me a new home, will you come and visit me?

CARTER: You bet you, all the time.

CASSANDRA: That is when you're on Earth.

CARTER: Right, now about that Cassandra ...

CASSANDRA: I know, the Stargate is a secret, and I was born in a place called ... Toronto?

CARTER: Right.

Cassy sees the swings.

CASSANDRA: What are those?

CARTER: Ah, those are swings.

CASSANDRA: We never had any of those ... in Toronto. They look like fun.

CARTER: They are, come on.

They get up and head for the swings.