AG-3 satellite

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The apex of Goa'uld defense technology, buried deep within their genetic memory. It incorporates groupings of pyramidal drones equaling a massive defense system which could easily protect an entire planet. An AG-3 is, essentially, an advanced orbital satellite capable of detecting incoming vessels while they are still thousands of light years away, and able to break through Goa'uld shields to destroy motherships.

To put the entire program into work from start to finish in one year's time would cost approximately 160 billion U.S. dollars. AG-3s are powered by heavy liquid naquadah, an extremely rare and refined form of the mineral. Each device is equipped with at least two long-range sensors.

AG-3s destroy Moscow. From "Absolute Power"

Twelve rockets launched into the atmosphere, containing twelve satellites each, dispense 288 of the devices into the upper atmosphere of a planet, suitable for the full defense of a planet the size of Earth. AG-3s coordinate themselves in groupings of six, targeting their sensors in concert to destroy a target the size of a large city in mere seconds. The beam is so efficient it leaves no residual radiation.

Following an assault, the drones reposition themselves into their standard orbital deployment, or "standby" mode, until further instructions are received from the command center.

In truth, the AG-3 may not actually exist beyond the mind of Daniel Jackson. The Harcesis Shifu put Daniel into a dream state in which he believed the child gave him the Goa'uld genetic memory. It is likely that these devices can potentially be constructed, but without the actual knowledge of the Goa'uld and the ability to decode the encryption of their language, such a feat may never become reality.


Absolute Power - In a dream Jackson seizes control of the AG-3 weapons from the U.S. government and uses them to destroy the city of Moscow.