Burrock's homeworld

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Planet with alluvial hillsides and rainy weather, inhabited by a pre-industrial human society. The Stargate is enclosed within a dense wood intersecting several streams, roughly three kilometers away from the inhabiting population and their structures.

Long ago the planet was dominated by a Goa'uld-possessed Unas, perhaps the very Unas trapped within the subterranean caverns of Cimmeria. After a long period of oppression the people rose against the Unas and overthrew him when one day when he did not return.

Since that time humans have dominated the world, using Unas as their slave labor. At one point Burrock, a local Unas tamer, obtained the combination of symbols for P3X-888, and traveled there to obtain new "blood" to be administered into the Unas population, for inbreeding had caused too many to become violent and unpredictable. He happened upon the curious Chaka and took him back to his own planet.

With the aid of SG-1, Chaka was eventually freed. He then freed his fellow Unas, who mastered staff weapons and zat'ni'katels, and reigned authority on the population.

Eventually the humans and Unas came to a peaceful solution which would allow them to co-exist on the planet. With help from Daniel's early teachings, Chaka became an influential leader for peace.


HOME TO - Burrock's people
FIRST APPEARED - Beast of Burden


Beast of Burden - SG-1 chases Chaka down to Burrock's homeworld to discover Unas are being used as slave labor.
Enemy Mine - Daniel travels to Burrock's homeworld to retrieve Chaka, who has made significant progress in making peace with the locals.