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Originally a prison transport vessel under the command of Warrick Finn. After all of her crew but Warrick were killed after the ship crashed on a barren planet, SG-1 arrived with a naquadah reactor to restore power to the vessel, permitting Warrick to leave with his recaptured prisoners. Jonas Quinn recognized the ship's name from Celtic history, where the "Ceberus" was an ancient, sea-faring prison transport.

The Seberus is armed with sonic weapons technology as well as other, more conventional devices. It uses liquid nitrogen to fuel an ion propulsion system. It also has a docking collar on its ventral side.

Upon returning to Hebridan, the Seberus was refitted for competition in the 59th Loop of Kon Garat. Warrick requested Samantha Carter refit his ship with a naquadah reactor to improve the ship's speed and general performance during the race. (The device was on loan, however, and Warrick was not allowed to keep it after the race.) The Seberus nearly completed the race but was too far behind to win, as it had been sabotaged by Del Tynan in a plot to make race competitor Muirios the winner of the race.

Warrick's brother Eamon serves as the Seberus's mechanic. Warrick intended on becoming a cargo runner, and was hired by contest winner La'el Montrose as her co-pilot on Tech Con's lucrative deep-space exploration contract.


USED BY - Warrick Finn


Forsaken - For three years the Seberus was stranded on a barren planet, until SG-1 arrived and supplemented her power with a naquadah generator.
Space Race - Warrick invites SG-1 aboard the Seberus to go to Hebridan to commence peace talks and help the ship win the Loop of Kon Garat.