Counterstrike planet inhabitants

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Residents of a planet irradiated by the Dakara super-weapon. The entire population was wiped out when the Free Jaffa Nation, under the leadership of Se'tak, used the weapon on them as a way of striking the forces of the Ori in the Milky Way Galaxy.

After a group of anti-Ori rebels was suppressed, the remaining population voluntarily acceded to Ori control. They welcomed the Prior and the Orici herself, Adria, with cheers prior to their world being engulfed by the energy wave from the weapon.

Prior to their destruction the civilization was at a level roughly equivalent to late-medieval Europe.


HOMEWORLD - Counterstrike planet
FIRST APPEARED - Counterstrike


Counterstrike - The population of the counterstrike planet is annihilated by the Dakara super-weapon.