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Ver Isca citizen who Vala Mal Doran believed to be the village harlot. After some time of getting to know her, Vala became convinced Denya she was a member of the anti-Ori underground. But once she realized Vala's treachery, Denya had Administrator Seevis place her on the Ara.

For three days Vala remained there until her husband, Tomin, came to her aid. Seevis allowed her to be removed from the sacrificial stone, but it wasn't until some time later that Vala realized the truth: Seevis and Denya were members of the anti-Ori underground.

Following a failed attempt to sabotage several Ori warships (and the tens of thousands present at their activation ceremony), a Prior told Tomin of Denya and Seevis's treachery, killing them with an Ori staff weapon -- and very nearly taking Vala's life as well.


PLAYED BY - Daniella Evangelista


Crusade - Denya eventually reveals herself to truly be a member of Seevis' anti-Ori underground, but their plan to destroy the Ori warships goes terribly wrong.