Enkaran homeworld

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Original planet settled by the Enkarans (or placed there by the Goa'uld), perfect for their physiology's needs. After SG-1 had located a supplementary world for the population, an alien species called the Gadmeer delivered a terraformer to the new Enkaran homeworld, soon making their planet uninhabitable.

The ship conceived Lotan, created in the Enkaran image and physiology, to negotiate with the people to evacuate from the world. With the aid of Daniel Jackson, the Enkaran homeworld was located in the ship's computer (after the vessel had dismissed the world for terraforming purposes).

Prior to completing the terraforming process, Lotan agreed to take the entire settlement of Enkarans back to their original planet.

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HOME TO - Enkarans
FIRST APPEARED - Scorched Earth


Scorched Earth - Daniel Jackson and Lotan locate the original Enkaran homeworld in the Gadmeer terraformer's computer banks.