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Jaffa warrior, member of the early Jaffa resistance. Hak'nor was from the Cordai Plains on Chulak. Teal'c included him in his attempts to rally his fellow dissidents to take action against the Goa'uld, and was to meet with Hak'nor at the Chompka Groves. Believing that he was in the presence of allies, Teal'c told Rak'nor and Ma'kar of Hak'nor and his true allegiance.

Rak'nor may have attempted to capture Hak'nor the following day and hand him over to the Goa'uld for his treachery, as he did with Teal'c.


The Serpent's Venom - Teal'c tells of Hak'nor, who is eager to meet with Teal'c in the Chompka Groves to discuss plans against their false gods.