Hall of Wisdom

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Meeting place of K'Tau elders where the people are consulted by recordings of the Norse god Freyr who, in actuality, is the Asgard protector for the world. Individuals gathered in the temple who touch the Asgard device are immediately teleported to this area.

The Hall of Wisdom provides the K'Tau elders just the information they need to govern their people in the ways of the gods. An arrival of elves into the Hall of Wisdom is to be considered a blessing from Freyr.

Behind the projection of the fictional Freyr is a hidden Asgard panel. Shifting the stones into the proper position achieves contact with the Asgard Freyr himself, if he is available. The platform in the Hall allows an image of an individual to travel galaxies into the hall of the Asgard High Council.


Red Sky - SG-1 uses the Hall of Wisdom to contact the Asgard regarding a problem the team has created for the planet's survival.
Fail Safe - SG-2 is sent to K'Tau in an attempt to contact the Asgard through the Hall of Wisdom in hopes of reaching them before an asteroid destroys Earth.
Menace - The S.G.C. sends envoys to the K'Tau Hall of Wisdom to contact the Asgard.