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Athosian citizen, father to Jinto. Halling was the first adult Athosian who encountered the pioneering Atlantis team on the planet Athos. He lead them to Teyla Emmagan, the leader of their people.

A deeply spiritual man, Halling is loyal to his people and loving to his son. He traveled with the rest of their people to Atlantis to establish a new life for themselves, relatively free from the constant threat of the Wraith. He briefly served as a guide to the Atlantis reconnaissance unit led by Sergeant Stackhouse, before he and the Athosians relocated to a newly-discovered continent near the island city. While they remain in communication with Teyla and Atlantis, there they hope to start a new life on the Atlantis planet.


PLAYED BY - Christopher Heyerdahl
FIRST APPEARED - Rising, Part 1


Rising, Part 1 - Halling leads the Atlantis team to the Athosian village, and introduces them to Teyla Emmagan.
Rising, Part 2 - Halling travels through the Stargate to Atlantis with the rest of the Athosian refugees.
Hide and Seek - When his son Jinto goes missing, Halling must rely on his new friends from Earth to find him.
Thirty Eight Minutes - When Teyla and the team face immanent death, Halling insists that the Athosians be allowed to perform a death ritual with her. Weir refuses, not wanting to give up on their people.
Suspicion - Halling and the other Athosians are offended when Weir suspects a spy for the Wraith in their midst. When a continent is discovered near the city, he happily leads his people in relocating.
The Kindred, Part 2 - Teyla finds Halling and the other surviving Athosians imprisoned by Michael, as the Atlantis team helps to liberate them.