International committee

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A civilian-run assembly of representatives from countries who have knowledge of both the U.S.'s Stargate program and the Atlantis expedition. The committee decided to place the weight of their funding into the expedition and not the S.G.C., most likely because the expedition is civilian-run (and they would therefore have a say in how the funds were allocated).

When Stargate Command's U.S.-allocated budget was cut by 70 percent, General Hank Landry was forced to consider granting a civilian watchdog appointed by the international committee a position on the base and a say in all major decisions.

The committee eventually reorganized as a more formal organization, the International Oversight Advisory (I.O.A.).


The Ties That Bind - General Landry learns that the international committee would only consider aiding in the S.G.C.'s funding if he allows the posting of a civilian watchdog.
The Fourth Horseman, Part 2 - Representatives of the International Committee arrive at the S.G.C. to discuss their options in the face of a global epidemic in the Prior plague.