Jonas Hanson

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Captain at Stargate Command and the first commander of SG-9. Hanson came upon a planet whose cave-dwelling inhabitants were dying. He allowed the people to believe he was their god who had finally come to save them from the oppressive atmosphere the sun had created, and forced them to build a mighty empire, starting with a hopeless fortress that would be his palace.

Hanson had carried a Bible at his side for years. He finally realized that he had found God -- himself. Ashamed of what he had become, two of his four-member team tried to return to the Stargate, but only one, Conner, managed to make it back to the S.G.C. to tell of what Hanson had done. The remaining member, Baker, stayed at his side.

Hanson had previously been engaged to Samantha Carter. When she arrived, he promised to sacrifice Jack O'Neill's life if she was unable to activate the sun shield generator he had previously promised the people he would make work. However, he was not aware that two generators were required to create the shield. Hanson hoped, one day, that Carter would take her place at his side as his goddess.

Hanson ordered the execution of all those who did not believe in him, starting with SG-1. He ordered the Stargate turned on its side, and dialed Earth. With the Earth iris closed, falling through the event horizon would be an easy execution. O'Neill, Jackson, and Carter told the people Hanson was not responsible for anything but their deaths, and showed that they were the ones that could make the sky "orange." Signaling Teal'c, the sun shield was engaged.

The people overthrew Jonas, lifting him from the ground and tossing him into the Stargate to his death.


PLAYED BY - William Russ
FIRST APPEARED - The First Commandment


The First Commandment - Jonas Hansen offers to restore the cave-dwelling people if they will bow to worship him.