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Officer of high leadership within the Lucian Alliance, a lieutenant of Netan. Kefflin held the rank of First, overseeing a large kassa operation on a remote group of worlds near the outskirts of the Milky Way Galaxy. He was described as a brutal killer with a notorious temper. Extremely reclusive, he rarely left his command ship. Very few of Netan's inner circle -- not even the Firsts -- had ever met him.

Using his close friendship with Netan as leverage to discover the location of the lost Odyssey, Kefflin was impersonated by Colonel Cameron Mitchell. Armed with the Reole chemical, Mitchell was able to infiltrate the high command of the Lucian Alliance as Kefflin. Mitchell had difficulty duplicating Kefflin's abilities as a torture master, particularly when the person being tortured was his friend, the recently captured Teal'c.

Though rarely seen, Netan was close to Kefflin. He considered Kefflin's advice to be valuable, even when Mitchell -- as Kefflin -- almost humiliated his friend during a banquet of Firsts.


PLAYED BY - Scott McNeil
FIRST APPEARED - Company of Thieves


Company of Thieves - Colonel Mitchell infiltrates the Lucian Alliance as the leader, Kefflin, in the hopes of discovering the fate of the Odyssey.