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Lieutenant, former rogue N.I.D. operative, specializing in an off-world base, stealing alien technology to be sent back to Earth to further in the fight against the Goa'uld. Jack O'Neill captured her and the rest of her team using an Asgard mothership to pin them down. She returned to Earth and was immediately arrested and charged with high treason against the United States and its allies.

Kershaw was on death row when O'Neill offered her a pardon from the sentence to return to the planet Latona and fix a problem she and her associate, Colonel Grieves, had started years before. The leader of the Latonans, Marul, had denied the team's request to see the Sentinel, a powerful device capable of whisking away any Goa'uld threat. Grieves and Kershaw went behind the locals' backs and worked under the cover of darkness (while the population kept a strict curfew), dismantling the device, studying it, and returning it exactly the way they found it.

With the aid of Grieves, Kershaw worked to lower the force field surrounding the Sentinel. The two had charted over one hundred distinct sound patterns that led to unlocking the device, but it was Dr. Jackson who was ultimately successful in dropping the barrier.

Kershaw believed the problem was not in the way they reassembled the Sentinel, but in how it was activated. After Grieves shot the caretaker, he who cared for and maintained the device, it was Kershaw who realized the man had been necessary in completing its operation. Per her instructions, Grieves put his hands on the device and initiated it, sending away the Jaffa presence that was on the planet, and the Goa'uld in orbit.

Just before the Jaffa were gone Kershaw was shot by a staff weapon, a hit that killed her following the use of the Sentinel.


PLAYED BY - Christina Cox


The Sentinel - Kershaw is released from prison to return to Latona and fix the problem she started.