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Leader of the Latonans and keeper of the flame of the Sentinel, which represents the status of the device. Marul was leader when the rogue N.I.D. team arrived on the world in hopes of studying the powerful device, but Marul insisted that the caretaker was the only person who could see it.

While Marul and the rest of the Latonans kept a strict curfew, the N.I.D. Stargate team worked under the cover of darkness to dismantle the device, analyze it and reassemble it to perfect working order. They left without incident.

Several years later another SG unit arrived in the hopes of negotiating for official access to the device. After spending several months on the planet, they continued without success. It was not long after that the Goa'uld Svarog sent his Jaffa to Latona, having learned the Sentinel was inoperative. Svarog arrived in orbit with enormous communication devices to taunt Marul in his observation room.

Lieutenant Grogan returned to Marul with SG-1's Colonel O'Neill in the hopes of convincing Marul to either fight back or evacuate. Marul chose neither, believing the candle spelled the Sentinel's fate to be in working order. He was later tempted by one of Svarog's Jaffa warriors to usher his people into an era of slavery.

Marul refused. It is not known if this decision spelled his doom.


PLAYED BY - Henry Gibson


The Sentinel - Marul witnesses hundreds of Lord Svarog's troops enter the gates of his city, arrogantly assured that the Sentinel will protect his people.