Kino sled

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Makeshift levitating platform invented by Eli Wallace to help transport heavy objects over distances. The sled has the surface area of a small table, and is large enough for a man to lie on. It was invented by placing several kinos underneath a tabletop, and (most likely) linking together all of their navigation to a single Ancient remote.

The device has proved especially useful in retrieving much-needed materials and supplies from planets and conveying them back to Destiny through the Stargate.


Water - Eli introduces the crew to his new invention, which Colonel Young and Lt. Scott use to transport blocks of ice from a planet through the Stargate to replenish the ship's water supply.
Cloverdale - When Lt. Scott is incapacitated on an alien planet, the away team retrieves the kino sled and uses it to transport him back to the Stargate.
Gauntlet - Using the kino sled Lt. Scott and Morrison lead a team to recover rocks from a volcanic world, in hopes of finding enough palladium hydride to repair Destiny's stasis pods.