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Remote-controlled floating exploration device approximately the dimensions of a softball. The kino was named by Eli Wallace after the 1920's Russian newsreel series Kino-pravda ("film truth"). The device appears primarily designed for short-range reconnaissance missions through the Stargate to determine mission viability.

The kino is capable of measuring temperature, gravity, atmospheric composition and barometric pressure. It can also be configured to record the video it is continually receiving, and to organize that information into a form of log. Information collected by a kino is transmitted into an Ancient remote, which the end user may use to directly control the device's movement. If uninterrupted, however, the kino will independently govern itself.

Crew members of the Destiny took it upon themselves to use kinos to assess damaged areas of the ship, record journal entries, and at times even spy on others.


Air, Part 2 - Eli Wallace discovers the kino technology and a service bay which dispenses them, and takes one for his own.
Air, Part 3 - A kino is sent to a desert planet to monitor the vicinity of the Stargate and the away team.
Light - Eli and Riley send a kino outside the ship, giving the crew its first image of what Destiny looks like.
Water - Eli invents a floating table top using a large number of flying kinos, which helps Young and Scott recover ice for drinking water from a frozen planet.
Time - The crew discovers a kino on an alien world, sent back in time from the near future with video records of their deaths.
Justice - Having reached the end of his rope, Sgt. Spencer uses a kino to record a suicide note before taking his own life.
Divided - The crew use a camera extracted from a kino for endoscopic surgery on Dr. Rush.
Human - Eli uses a kino to explore a series of underground tunnels on a visit to a once inhabited planet.
Lost - With Scott's team trapped in the caverns, the kino manages to locate an exit.
Intervention - The crew use a kino to spy on the Lucian Alliance, who have seized control of Destiny.
Awakening - The Destiny crew uses a kino to help explore the narrow corridors of an Ancient seed ship.
Epilogue - Thanks to the Novan historical archive the Destiny crew gain access to kino recordings made by themselves in an alternate life, where they settled on a planet and established a new civilization.