Lost City map

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Tablet presumably acquired by Anubis's forces, given (at least as a memory) to Osiris. Osiris masqueraded as Sarah Gardner (its human host) in Daniel Jackson's dreams so he can use his knowledge of Ancient writings to interpret the artifact. In the dream, Sarah (secretly Osiris) claimed she had received it from a colleague who had located the artifact from an expedition in Morocco. Carbon dating analysis proved the tablet was over 10,000 years old, she told him.

Jackson determined that the tablet was a map to the Lost City, explaining the location of a "starting point" or place of origin, following with the steps of a great journey leading to a city or "place of great power" where an ancient race of humans once lived. Included on the tablet were seven symbols, but Jackson was unable to determine the constellations in his dream. Consequently, Osiris attempted to kill him with her hand device, but failed.


Chimera - Osiris invades Jackson's dreams with the memory of a map to the lost city, but Daniel is unable to determine the coordinates.